Game-Changing Minimalist Skincare from the Aloha State

If you are suffering from skincare product overwhelm, this Honua Hawaiian Skincare duo will simplify your daily skincare routine without sacrificing performance.

Step One:

‘Olena Beauty Oil is a multitasking botanical blending of noni, turmeric, kukui nut, kamani oil and fruit and leaf extracts. I use the soothing oil to prime my skin before I apply Malu SPF30 Protecting Day Cream & Sunscreen. If you are squeamish about applying oil to your face, fear not. This lightweight oil absorbs quickly, leaving my skin feeling soft and looking radiant. I’ve substituted ‘Olena Beauty Oil for the rose oil I once favored. This wondrous oil can be worn alone or used as a hydrating primer before applying foundation or sunscreen.

Step Two:

I was recently introduced to Honua’s Malu Protecting Day Cream & Sunscreen and plan on using it to protect my skin from UV rays seven days a week, 365 days a year. I appreciate the formula’s absence of parabens and skin-irritating harsh chemicals as much as I enjoy the broad-spectrum sun protection that does not leave a ghastly white cast on my skin.

I love that ‘Olena Beauty Oil and Malu Protecting Day Cream & Sunscreen work together to nourish and protect my skin. The pleasant fragrance of the protecting day cream reminds me of the scent of a tropical oil sunscreen I’d used in the past. The only change in this product that I would favor is if the company would add a light tint to the day cream/sunscreen. Do you hear me Honua Hawaiian Skincare company?

If you interested in downsizing your beauty routine, adding Malu Protecting Day Cream & SPF 30 Sunscreen to your morning routine will help you strip down to basics by eliminating the need for a separate moisturizer and sunscreen.

Paring down an ever-mounting heap of skincare products with these two Honua Hawaiian Skincare products is so easy you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Rachelle Nones

Lifestyle Writer

Rachelle is a multimedia writer who reports on lifestyle topics ranging from fashion and beauty to food, travel, entertainment, and home decor. Rachelle has written several fictional mystery and detective ebooks as well as a journal/creative writing print workbook. Her latest detective genre ebook will be released this summer.