Younger, Fresher Skin with Lora Condon’s Enzyme & Oxygen Facial

As one who loves the instant and stunning results of lasers on my skin, I have been a bit reluctant lately to get facials. Time consuming and messy, facials bite into a big portion of my day to get results that don’t always last for more than a few days. However, I recently had to rethink this when I received one of Celebrity Beautician Lora Condon’s Enzyme and Oxygen Facials. This facial stands in a category of its own for its wowing results, so it’s no wonder that Kate Blanchett, Toni Collette, Téa Leoni have become big fans.

The Enzyme & Oxygen facial uses the Danné Montague King’s (DMK) Enzyme therapy line, a botanical based skin care line that Lora customizes to your specific needs. DMK, the creator of the line, believes that disharmony is the basis of most skin conditions and says his concept of “Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain” attempts to heal the skin with the appropriate products.

After examining my skin, Lora discussed the age management facial that she thought would give me the best results. She first applied LED lights for a few minutes to reduce hyper pigmentation, as well as to infuse the skin with ATP which declines as we age. ATP (adenosine Triphosphate) a molecule in our cells, is needed to keep skin healthy and reduce inflammation and allow skin cells to perform optimally. Lora is also a fan of cupping which has recently become popular and she placed small cups on my face to increase the circulation of blood, drain lymph fluid and give my face more definition, less puffiness and increase its overall health.

Next step – the application of an anti-aging, skin balancing enzyme mask that she let dry until it seemed as hard as cement and pulled my skin very tightly. According to Lora, this “backflush” oxygenates the skins capillaries and brings new vitamins and minerals to the area. This will also strengthen the skin and kill bacteria. Additionally, enzymes force the production of collagen and stimulate ATP energy from the mitochondria. By promoting freshly oxygenated blood into the area, cells perform better which results in younger looking skin as well as helping with issues such as acne, rosacea and dryness. While I relaxed with the mask, Lora gave me a medi-pedi, removing calloused skin with a softening solution. Once she removed the thick dry mask, the skin underneath appeared younger, clearer, tighter and more translucent. It’s no wonder that Kate Blanchett, Toni Collette and Téa Leoni have become big fans of Lora’s skilled hands.

To give your skin a youthful kick and help it stay firm and radiant this season, book your DMK Oxygen Enzyme Facial, a facial unlike any other. Lora has been a four time winner for Best Facial in the Country and was awarded as one of the top seven estheticians in the US for anti-aging care by The International Skin Games. Lora and her skincare line have been featured in countless publications and television programs such as including: The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, The View, CNN, FOX News.

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