Hanhoo: Uncover Your Best Skin

Highly acclaimed clean skincare brand Hanhoo has released a new Pore Line Collection that will have you raving!

Pore Cleanser

Thoroughly remove impurities and unclog your pores for a fresher face look with Hanhoo’s Pore Cleanser. Blended with niacinamide to retain healthy skin cells for a smoother complexion, this mild cleanser can also be used as a face mask. Talk about getting the most bang for your buck. Lightly massage the cleanser until it turns white and leave on for three to five minutes and the results will be cleaner pores and a more balanced complexion. What I really like about this wash is that not only does it smell heavenly, but really cleanses without extracting moisture. Your skin will be completely hydrated without the dry patches. If you travel frequently and are tired of carrying so many beauty products around in your bag, this multitasker cleanser should be on your go-to list. 

Pore Serum 

Achieve a radiant complexion when you give your pores a little more TLC. All you need is a couple of drops of Pore Serum after cleansing and you are set. This fabulous product combines all the powerhouse ingredients you need to even skin tone, minimize the look of enlarged pores, clear pore debris, improve dullness, and diminish the appearance of blemishes. The best part is: you won’t break the bank purchasing a quality product that delivers.


T-Zone Pore Patch

Kick off your week with clean pores when you make it a habit to use the T-Zone Pore Patch. These patches are one of the latest skincare essentials because they eliminate oil, remove sebum, and dirt that cause blackheads. Effective, non-irritating, and affordable, apply this patch once a week before bed to keep your pores happy and healthy. Cruelty-free and vegan, Hanhoo’s T-Zone Pore Patch is produced with gentle hydrocolloid so you don’t have to worry about any irritation or damaging the skin.

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