Intuisse: Skincare Best Served Chilled

Intuisse is a revolutionary new skincare system powered by NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and your refrigerator. NAD+ has been available through injections and supplements, but its entrance onto the skincare scene is relatively new. NAD+ is a compound found in all living cells which protects skin from stress and repairs damaged DNA. Intuisse’s formulas bio-activate the body’s creation of proteins, which make skin cells resilient. Products penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin to raise levels of collagen, elastin, and laminin. Like your favorite cocktail, it is best served chilled. 

Intuisse was developed by Swiss molecular scientists and organic chemists. The brand uses scientific research and technology to develop its product line. The team created a patent-pending formula stabilizes NAD+ for maximum benefits. This breakthrough allows the formula to access the deepest layers of your skin while supporting your body’s natural NAD+ level. The company recommends keeping your products cold to preserve their shelf life and maximize the active NAD+. Intuisse is debuting onto into U.S. markets with its innovative, technological approach to skincare.      

I recently tried some of Intuisse’s luxurious NAD+ powered products. These products can be kept in your refrigerator for up to one year, or at room temperature for two months. In order to preserve the integrity of the active NAD+, I put my products in the refrigerator. I began my skincare routine using Intuisse’s Active NAD+ Cleansing Lotion. After applying the cleansing lotion to a cotton pad, I dabbed it around my face and neck. The product’s application was mild and did not cause any skin irritation. It had the delicate consistency of a toner. This cleanser worked quickly to remove makeup and oil buildup, leaving my skin refreshed, destressed, and ready for step two.     

After the cleansing lotion, I applied Intuisse’s Active NAD+ Face Serum. This product has key ingredients like pomegranate enzymes, French marine plankton, meadowfoam seed oil, and natural fruit extracts to shield your skin against environmental antagonists and renew cells. It’s formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and encourage collagen production. The serum has a lightweight, silky texture that absorbs easily into skin. Two pumps of the serum was enough to spread a thin, even layer across my face. The serum has a luxurious feel, and the lightweight bottle makes it easy to travel with. 

I followed up the Face Serum with Intuisse’s Active NAD+ Essential Cream. As its name implies, the cream is truly an essential component. Its natural peptides and olive-oil based squalene deliver long-lasting hydration. The Essential Cream paired flawlessly with the Cleansing Lotion and Face Serum to lock in moisture. It has a lavish, creamy consistency that sinks into your skin like your head on a soft pillow. The next morning, my face had a more vibrant visage and a smoother texture. Intuisse’s system optimizes its products to work with each other, so you can reap the skin-softening benefits.          

Intuisse also offers a sleek eye mask. Like the rest of Intuisse’s product line, these eye masks work best when they’re chilled. Packed with collagen and peptides, the Active NAD+ Eye Mask delivers a healthy dose of nutrients to your delicate eye area in just 15 minutes. I loved the icy relief of the eye mask. It was a textile treat, reducing inflammation around my eyes and relaxing me simultaneously. The skin around my eyes was noticeably less puffy after use. Intuisse recommends integrating the eye mask into your skincare routine 2-3 times per week, but I would use this product every day if I could. 

Intuisse is also a sustainable brand, with ingeniously designed containers and refills. Refills were easy to pop into existing containers. The pumps had a clever design. They made it easy to extract the “just right” amount of product. With sustainable packaging and 100% recyclable refills, Intuisse cares about the planet as much as it cares about skin.

If you are looking for a sustainable skincare regimen that repairs skin at the cellular level, Intuisse is a luxurious option to pamper yourself with. 

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