M-61, the Blue Mercury New Skin Care Line

Dynamic husband and wife team, Barry and Marla Malcolm Beck owners of the successful Blue Mercury cosmetic stores, have recently launched a skin care line, M-61. Already familiar with every brand imaginable, the two started in 2006 to search for a new type of skin care that would combine the best of science and nature; something that would incorporate the best of healing and holistic plants, along with up to the minute research from the science labs. Marla felt a need to create products that could be used in their store spas as well as something customers could use at home that would give results as effective as what they got from a professional facial. Marla got to work and thoroughly researched both technical and natural skin care.

M-61 is named after a blue galaxy. It is one of the few “resolved” galaxies, which means “scientists understand how it works and all of the science behind it. I am obsessed with proven science, discovery, and new frontiers” says Marla. The line contains all the ingredients dermatologists recommend such as vitamin C, vitamin E, peptides, glycolics, salicylics, retinol A but also the best ones derived from the top healing plants such as colloidal oatmeal, tamarind, aloe or green tea. As keeping with today’s trend for synthetic free products, the line is totally devoid of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

I have tried the products and there is definitely something unusual about them. If you only had to take two home, I would recommend the Two Minute Vitamin C Facial Mask with Seaweed and Aloe and the Vitablast C. The Facial Mask exfoliates and freshens up the appearance of your skin in two minutes. It is the equivalent of the Fast Blast Spa Facial at the Blue Mercury in-store spas. After cleansing and drying the face and neck, spread a generous layer all over and massage into the skin. After two minutes, you will notice a buildup of white foam fizzing on the surface. It feels wonderful and stimulating. Rinse it off and your skin will seem more glowing and fresh.

The Vitablast C, a Vitamin C and Vitamin E serum with Gallic acid is to be applied after the mask. Count seven drops on your fingertips with the included dropper and apply to your face and neck. It has a slight acidity that penetrates the surface, nourishing it and balancing its ph. You’ll feel a slight tingle but the skin seems stimulated and brighter afterwards. Gallic acid is an anti oxidant that brightens naturally. Vitamin E nourishes and hydrates and Vitamin C enlivens a dull complexion.

These two products are perfect to use at home for a quick pick me up at the end of the day, before going out on a date or for looking instantly more perky on a “poor complexion” day. It is different from a regular mask that often requires thirty minutes to be effective, and it gives a visible bounce of youthfulness and energy to your skin.

The M-61 line should accommodate contemporary women who want to stay on the top of everything that technical skincare can offer but would also like to be open to all the alternative new solutions of the recent years. What better can it be than finding a skincare that contains the best of both worlds?

The line is available in all Blue Mercury stores and at http://www.bluemercury.com.

In New York, visit Blue Mercury at 865 Broadway near 18th Street – 212-243-8100
or 2305 Broadway – between 83rd & 84th Sts – 212-799-0500