Meet The Good Hippie’s Emily McNabb Butler

The Good Hippie is an all natural, vegan skincare, body care, and home care company handcrafted in small batches in Austin, TX. With its strong ethos on purity, the company takes us back to the real meaning of natural. We ask its owner, Emily McNabb Butler, questions about its positioning, name, and more:

What is the philosophy behind The Good Hippie? 
The Good Hippie is a company focused on the ethos of the brand. We want to do what is right, not what is easy, so we can educate consumers on the harms of purchasing big brands that manufacture unethically. We focus on quality rather than quantity, and it shows in our final products. 

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How are you different from other healthy brands?
All of our recipes are our intellectual property and haven’t been purchased from manufacturing warehouses that spit out the same products under different labels all the time. We also handcraft every product in Austin with ethically sourced ingredients. There are many “natural” companies out there that boast their efficacy, but when you look at the ingredients, you can see that the product isn’t any different from big brands. It’s a different label, but the same low quality ingredients and ambiguous ethical practices.
Do you feel that the trend for healthy ingredients and holistic rituals is saying something about a shift in our culture?
YES. That’s why we do what we do! But the terms “natural, healthy, holistic, pharmaceutical grade”, and even “cruelty free” are tossed around without much regulation. So it’s our responsibility to educate consumers on the harm of many big brands that are shifting to compete with brands like mine. And yeah, you heard me right… THEY are competing with US. We’ve been doing this right for years and many brands now are having to shift quickly to keep up with customer demands. We’re getting smarter, and have a lot more information at our fingertips! 

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How did you choose that name?
Every successful business has two Os in their name, right? It was really a way to name the person hand-crafting all of the products. I am The Good Hippie.
How do you define the Hippie lifestyle??
Living in unison with the earth respectfully. Using the ingredients that grow naturally to keep your own body healthy and in tune with nature.
How can we incorporate it into our structured, work-oriented routines?
We have many products we use daily. Chapstick, hand cream, hand sanitizer, etc. If you replace those everyday products with a healthier, plant-based, eco-friendly product, you’re making a HUGE difference. Now imagine if we all cut out petroleum based chapsticks, formaldehyde-infused body creams, and plastic bottled hand sanitizers! We’d live in a much healthier, cleaner world.

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What are some key reasons that your business is successful?
Connect with your base. Check in with your regulars and connect with new customers. I’m always available and I’m always replying to reviews that are left on the site.
Do you have a message to women who struggle to find balance in their lives?
Find a community. A good one that encourages you and loves you for who you are. I have the best group of women around me that support me on days I’m feeling low. Be gentle with yourself. If you don’t have your community yet, email me: We’ll get through it together. Promise.

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