New Travel Sets for Holiday

Traveling can take a toll on your skin. The dry airplane air, changing environments, fatigue, sleeplessness- it is not always easy to look effortlessly gorgeous when you step out of the plane! Yet, taking your favorite care products with you often isn’t an option. They will add a few pounds to your suitcase, increase your travel costs, and even make it harder for you to get through security. Instead, discover these companies that have put together delightful travel collections of their best products that can fit in a handbag and make your travel woes easier.

The luxurious 5 Steps On-The-Go Kit from the vegan and clean line Kat Burki includes five essentials for radiant skin and anti-aging prevention to bring on your next vacation. The kit will elevate your skin to new heights of beauty no matter your environment’s challenges. The compact travel set includes:

 – A 1 fl oz KB5 Calming Gel Cleanser that uses a blend of over 92 skin invigorating ocean minerals to cleanse your skin without affecting its protective lipid layer.

– A 5 fl oz Super Nutrient Elixir to tone and enrich your skin with botanical hyaluronic acid, rose water, kukui nut, and raspberry seed oils.

– A 5 fl oz PH + Enzyme Essence to restore your skin’s PH level alkaline ratio, which is essential to protecting its acid mantle, keeping bacteria and pollutants away, and supporting anti-aging functions.

– A 1 fl oz Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream with 15% STAY C (a stable form of Vitamin C) and the anti-aging Reishi mushroom for greater absorption. You will instantly fall in love with this moisturizer that transforms your skin on contact. A must have! 

– A 0.17 fl oz Power Trio Radiance Oil to repair and re-energize your skin instantly thanks to its salicylic acid and bio-compatible, cold-processed seed oils.

The Kat Burki line is chirally correct and cruelty free, rich in cell communicating ingredients, plant stem cells, and neuropeptides, and formulated with cold-processed nutrient dense formulas that contains no nasty ingredients. Available at

If your skin is blemish prone, very sensitive, or oily, you will love to take the new TSA approved bioClarity Garden Glow Mini-Set in a cute canvas carry-all on your travels. This 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free set includes:
– A 1 fl oz Cleanse to remove dirt and oil. Simply massage into wet skin, rinse with warm water, and see your healthy skin resurface.

– A 0.5 fl oz Restore nutrient-rich tube of Floralux, an antioxidant powerhouse that reduces the appearance of pores and lessens hyperpigmentation and redness.

– A 1 fl oz Hydrate, a Skin Smoothie lightweight moisturizer that balances the skin perfectly.

– A 0.75 fl oz Clarifying Masque to purify pores, tone the skin, and even the complexion.

Find the set HERE.

{Save}, the new kid on the block in vegan skincare, has just launched a set of light-to-carry, small to pack, four travel size essentials (each 1.01 fl oz) including:

– A Hydrating Facial Cleanser that is made with 98% nature-derived ingredients. This face wash includes ultra hydrating trehalose, bamboo, and corn bioferments that make cleansing your face a real feast for the senses, leaving your skin feeling purified and soft. Perfect for hyper sensitive skin.

– An Ultra-light Moisturizer that will melt into your skin without clogging or leaving the skin heavy or greasy. It boosts the renewal of skin cells and protects the natural defense barrier of your skin, thanks to the very gentle complex of prebiotics and probiotics. 

– A Gentle Gommage Exfoliator that uses 100% GMO-free rice starch as a gomage agent and tree cellulose and caviar lime to refresh and revitalize your skin. 

– A Rejuvenating Moisturizer that smoothes the appearance of wrinkles with the help of plant-derived bakuchiol, a safe alternative to retinol, helping your skin regain firmness with smaller pores and a youthful glow.

Check out the essentials at
Bon Voyage!