New York Model Creates Her Own Skincare Line: Q & A with Jennifer Perry

Jennifer Perry is a certified yoga instructor, reiki master, and now an aromatherapist. She has also been a model in New York City for over 20 years. Perry became fascinated with the world of wellness after a bout with Guillain Barre Syndrome. GBS is a rare autoimmune disorder that affects your nervous system. What Perry learned was how the power of the mind and positive energy can deepen the way in which you heal. She then decided to create her own organic skincare line, Breathe In.

Beauty News NYC sat down with Perry to learn more about her line and how it all came about.

You have a very interesting background because you are a model and small business owner. What was your inspiration to start Breathe In and how did it start?

As a reiki practitioner I wanted to explore other opportunities in healing and went to aromatherapy school initially to add more dimension to my sessions. Little did I know what I would find out. Besides being great for depression, anxiety, and a host of other illnesses essential oils are also wonderful for your skin! My two loves of modeling and wellness had finally merged.

My product, Breathe In Luminosity, came about as a class experiment. While in aromatherapy school I had no ambition of starting a company or anything of the sort. I was just having fun learning and mixing different potions together. One of my assignments was to make my own balm or lotion. I created a unique face balm that included all of my favorite essential oils for plumping skin and diminishing wrinkles. I made an entire batch and subsequently gave it out to my friends to try. To my delight everyone loved it and received compliments left and right about their glowing skin. I even had one friend tell me that she had cancelled her Botox appointment because her skin was looking so good. There was a “meeting” in which my friends encouraged me to start a business. I figured that if my job could be to make people feel good about themselves then how can I go wrong? Breathe In was officially born. A company that I hope inspires people to use products that are nourishing, natural, and make them feel luminous.

What are the ingredients and the benefits?

Everything I use in Breathe In products is organic. The basic ingredients of Breathe In Luminosity are organic beeswax, organic apricot kernel and jojoba oils, and then the powerful essential oils. I think of it as food for the skin. Some of the essential oils I use include Frankincense which is great for wrinkles and depression, Vetiver, which has tons of antioxidants and is great for anxiety, and a few others that I won’t disclose as I’m in the process of getting a patent on the formula. In my product Breathe in Laughter, which is an aromatherapy wrist roll on, I use organic coconut oil and the essential oils of Frankincense, Peppermint, and Orange. It is an uplifting mix that gives you a little boost of energy when needed. One more great thing that a lot of people don’t know about some of these essential oils such as Peppermint and Frankincense is that they are antibacterial and antiviral so they can help provide your body with a boost of immunity when applied on the thin skin of the wrists and ankles.

On a different note, because you are a model and so many runway events have been cancelled and people are staying inside more due to the pandemic where do you see the future of fashion going?

I believe that fashion will begin to look more cozy, comfortable, and natural. Many people are working from home and want to look great but in a more seamless and less rigid way. I think that beautiful flowy dresses and a cozy comfy feel to clothing will be what we’re seeing more of. To go along with that less makeup and great skin will begin to prevail as many just don’t want the fuss right now.

Anything else we should know?

Yes, Breathe In Aromatherapy is based on the belief that caring for ourselves with consciousness and kindness brings us into connection with the earth and others. When we feel cared for, balanced, and at ease we can’t help but want to pass it forward. My goal with this company is that people start to create a lifestyle in which they are experiencing an uplifted and easy energy. This can begin with something as simple as creating a beauty ritual of putting on a bit of face balm and smelling the beautiful aromas every evening.

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