Night Cream: 5 Top Treatments For Beautiful Skin Overnight

Essential to younger-looking skin, night creams replenish, soften, brighten, hydrate and often help exfoliate. While daily moisturizing creams actively protect (think sunblock additives), evening repairers gently help rid the skin of the day’s stresses. Their revitalizing ingredients, along with healthy sleep, hydration and cleansing habits, fend off signs of aging.

A lineup of elegant brands, both legends and newer elixirs, also know how to conquer skin-type and sensitivity concerns. Get to know them here – the best treatments made from extracts of florals, marine organics and special peptides. Each one a reliable gem, they all get five stars for making your particular type of skin more beautiful.

Mothers and daughters alike won’t be able to resist legendary Clarins’ new Super Restorative Night Cream. It’s a silky antidote to all signs of aging. The cream smoothes on with a lovely, supple body and packs rich moisture into your epidermis to ward off skin slackening, dryness and dulling. Clarins discovered extract of Montpellier Rock-Rose helps even out skin tone. Gingko Biloba enhances circulation on a micro level, bringing radiance. Scented with a hint of wine and roses, this luxe night cream keeps deeper wrinkles down and smiles up. $130 for a jewel-toned pot of lush cream. Find it at:

Our skin deserves every defense for even the trickiest combinations. When we inquired, Paula’s Choice recommended its Vitamin A & CoQ10 Wrinkle Smoothing Night Cream. It goes on with a light, fresh citrus scent and feels a tinge thicker than some other brands here, yet its effect is every bit as moisturizing and softening for your skin. Vitamin A is a trusted anti-aging fighter and Coenzyme Q10 behaves as an antioxidant, protecting skins cells from a long day’s battle against your daily grind. Take that, wrinkles! It comes in a generous, travel-ready tube for $38. Buy it at:

As nature lovers, we also adore the marine-focused brand Phytoceane, from Phytomer, for introducing AQUASAPHIR NIGHT New Skin Cream. It offers a soft-whipped mix of three special ingredients: sustainably produced micro algae extract (AquaSaphir) that dives into your skin to reduce premature aging, stress and inflammation; Malachite Extract, the precious stone, which has detoxifying properties; and Glasswort Oil, for your skin’s hydration. This exquisite, naturally-based, product fights fine lines. It’s on sale in select spas for $141. A must-mention: Sister brands Fleur’s and Phytomer are offering new creams, too. As the name suggests, Fleur’s has sourced the world’s flora to create its Night Comforting Cream, while Phytomer’s Night Recharge Youth Enhancing Cream contains natural micro algae that help detoxify and revitalize. Purchase AQUASAPHIR NIGHT at:

Then there’s the dry skin expert. Peter Thomas Roth, such a ladies man! Just learning about his heritage, we wanted to revisit the spa baths of Budapest. The brand’s new Mega-Rich Anti-Aging Sleeping Mask seems gentle enough, and it is, but what’s behind the scenes is working all night long for your beautiful skin. (We love ambitious guys bearing anti-aging treatments!) Peter Thomas Roth has developed a proprietary blend of molecular size peptides that help smooth and firm the look of skin, and reduce deeper wrinkles. Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe, both known for natural, moisturizing properties, round out the list of ingredients. Dry, damaged skin will be very glad to know this night cream, which sells for $68 a pot. Buy it at:

Every skin suffers daily challenges, but some are downright vexing. That’s why we like Dermalogica’s Pure Night which works hard to bring radiance to the faces of those experiencing hyperpigmentation. Its silkiness feels like a beautiful polish has been applied to your cheeks. Pure Night is part of the PowerBright TRxTM, a trio of treatments that use the most advanced innovations in skin brightening. The sister products in the trio, C-12 Pure Bright Serum and Pure Light SPF50, effectively ward off pigmentation spots. Then, in the evening, Pure Night helps control melanin formation and restores luminosity while the skin is at rest. Vitamin C, along with berry seed oils, helps brighten skin and protect important barrier lipids. Skin is kept hydrated and fine lines subside. It’s like the rescue crew! Pure Night comes in a pump bottle for easy application. Its gentle scent suggests a hint of coconut. The entire trio is approximately $225 and Pure Night alone is $75. Find it here:

Now’s the time! Years ago, I visited a friend’s beach house. Lining her bathroom vanity was a trio of day and night cream pots. My friend praised them, loved them even. (Later, I found out she frequently lied generously about her age and got away with it!) Find the right brand, or combination of creams, for your complexion – choose one of these stars – and start building new beauty habits now. Imagine the ROI in ten years! Your skin will show its gratitude.