Q&A with Adriana Bena, Founder of Për Në

While toner is often lost in the shuffle of cleansers, serums, and moisturizers, a new beauty brand is bringing it to the forefront of your skincare routine. 

Adriana Bena, an Albanian-born makeup artist and hair stylist based in Southern California, recently founded Për Në. Adriana’s Albanian heritage inspired this clean, sustainable beauty brand. Over the past ten years, Adriana has gained extensive expertise in the beauty and skincare industry through her work with her clients. 

Për Në’s first product, Essential Tonic, is a multipurpose toner that hydrates, soothes, and heals skin. The key ingredient is Çaj Mali, a healing botanical that grows in Albania. Adriana’s Albanian heritage and experience in the beauty industry gives her a unique standpoint about formulating healthy, effective products.   

The multifaceted nature of the Essential Tonic intrigued me and its affordable price point won me over. I fell in love with the Essential Tonic’s ability to soothe my irritated skin. It was the perfect primer to even my complexion before applying makeup. This gentle mist leaves a subtle botanical scent behind that’s both natural and refreshing. I reached out to Për Në’s founder, Adriana, to find more about her inspiration for this all-in-one product.  

What inspired you to create a performance-based skincare brand?

The inspiration to create performance-based products stemmed from my desire to share my roots and this amazing, ancient medicinal herb. That combined with scientific curiosity, a passion for innovation, and of course, my personal, everyday experience as a makeup artist, and the understanding of how important skincare is to a good application. 

On Për Në’s website you outline your mission, “Skincare for Us. Skincare for All.” Can you tell us more about your brand’s mission and name?

Për Në means “for us” in Albanian. It was important to me to make products that could be beneficial for everyone, regardless of gender, age, or skin type. Another driving factor in creating Për Në was the idea of giving back. A portion of our profits will go toward building animal shelters, first in Albania, as the domestic animal environment is not at its best. This is skincare for us, skincare for all.

How does Për Në stand out from other skincare brands?

At Për Në, we strive to stand out by embracing our rich heritage and drawing inspiration from my Albanian roots and the history and potency of our hero ingredient, Çaj Mali. Since this resource is not widely known in the States, we were truly captivated [and wanted] to share its remarkable qualities. [This ingredient] led us to tap into its potential for promoting healthy and youthful skin. We celebrate the true remedies of our ancestors and aim to create a connection between the past and the present, honoring the traditions that have been passed down through generations.

How has your experience as a makeup artist helped you develop Për Në’s Essential Tonic?

Starting Për Në, I knew right away that I wanted to create a tonic that could prep, set, and refresh during a long set day, something that could eliminate having multiple products in my kit that do the same thing. As a makeup artist, I know how crucial skin health is to the potential of a look. It was important that the product would be compatible with all skin types and that it would add healing nutrients to the skin instead of layering on toxins.

What are Për Në’s sustainability practices?

Sustainability is at the root of Për Në. By creating multitasking products, we’re minimizing the need for more, reducing potential waste. Our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable and our ingredients are always ethically harvested. 

What is one thing you wish more people knew about the beauty industry?

Marketing schemes make up a huge part of the industry.

What is the best makeup tip you can share with our readers?

I have so many, but my top two are: don’t forget your blush, and always finish with a setting spray!

Shop the Essential Tonic from Për Në at the brand’s website


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