SANMARINE Skincare Efficacy: Modern Tech + Science Make The Difference

The California-based SANMARINE cosmetics brand utilizes cutting-edge, modern technology to create products that contain only environmentally friendly, organic, raw ingredients and materials to hydrate and cleanse every type of skin. This brand offers moisturizing night and day creams, serums, toners, sunscreen, peels, masks, and cleansers. Some of Mother Nature’s bounty that their products contain are algae extracts, plant extracts, peptides, and oyster proteins. But what is even more significant is that SANMARINE obtains active extracts through bio-fermentation, rendering them even more effective and potent.

Read why SANMARINE is different from most other brands:

What Is Bio Fermentation?
In case you didn’t know, fermentation is a biochemical processing of adding microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) to a product, and has been utilized for many centuries. Bio-fermentation is a hot concept in skincare right now because of its enhancing benefits, much like grapes to wine. Fermentation likely brings to mind kombucha, brandy, cocoa, pu-erh tea, sauerkraut, kimchi, cheese, and kefir — but it benefits you both outside (your skin!) and inside your body.

Your skin hosts trillions of live bacteria, known as a microbiome, and this bacteria ensures your skin’s health. Fermentation breeds probiotics, which replenishes and strengthens skin. When applied, they guard your skin’s natural barrier, maintain its pH levels, and bolster its loveliness. So, bio-fermentation is a magnificent thing, and something you should actively embrace.

Fermentation also helps your skin absorb moisture because it breaks down molecules into smaller compounds. This process is called “bio-compatible” or “bio-available,” and skincare ingredients are absorbed more deeply — which in turn results in banishing build-up on the surface of your skin (think acne) and increasing the concentration of nutrients.

An Accidental Discovery in Japan
In 1970, the Japanese first introduced the fermentation process for the production of cosmetics when investigating the production of sake, the alcoholic drink based on rice. They noted that the hands of the workers looked young and smooth, although age-related changes were obvious by contrast on their face. This was due to the fact that the workers handled raw materials with their bare hands — and that is how the world accidentally discovered the positive effects of fermented foods on the skin.

Benefits of Fermented Cosmetics
The benefits of fermented cosmetics are numerous and encompass:
— The product doesn’t undergo high heat treatment during the manufacturing process, which in turn preserves as much of the antioxidants as possible.
— The pH level of these cosmetics is lower (shifted to the acid side), which results in a normal or typical amount of microflora on the skin
— Fewer chemical preservatives are required, since enzymes play the role of preservatives.

SANMARINE: The Benefit of Mixed Emulsion Technology
In addition to fermentation, SANMARINE uses a new technology called “mixed emulsions” or “multiple emulsions.” This process enables them to infuse a cream with unique properties while simultaneously delivering a hydrating, nourishing effect upon the skin and adapting to any skin type. That is awesome.

Ok… Now What Is An Emulsion System?
Almost all skincare products are comprised of various types of emulsion systems. An “emulsion” is a dispersion of particles of one liquid into another (think oil + vinegar or mayonnaise) and these liquids do not mix with each — most often it is water and oil. There are three types of emulsions: direct (oil in water), reverse (water in oil), and multiple (mixed).

Since water and oil do not mix, emulsifiers in cosmetics assist in forming homogenous mixtures of both. Emulsifiers in cosmetics stabilize the emulsion and influence the consistency of the formulation. Most of the cosmetic products make good use of emulsifiers in their formulations.

Mixed emulsions are easily distributed and absorbed on the surface of the skin, and are not weighed down by a large amount of oil — yet perform their nourishing, moisturizing functions. This new technology makes it possible to encapsulated biologically active substances in the innermost phase of creation with the use of additional preservatives, resulting in a finer, more stable fraction (if there is no contact with oxygen). This new technology enables the brand to introduce incompatible substances into the formulation by placing them in the inner and outer phases, which do not interact. As a result, this emulsion delivers a gradual release of active ingredients and a longer beneficial effect from the product. Perfect!

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