Shield+Heal: The Neuroscience of Lip Balm

A lip balm that can boost your mood? It sounds like a futuristic endeavor, but lip care brand, Shield+Heal has made it a reality. Shield+Heal’s lip balms have botanicals that promise to soften your lips and lift your mood. Using the technology of neuroscience, this wellness product benefits your brain and body. Founder Lisa Adams believes that small moments can produce positive change. With just a swipe of lip balm, consumers can experience a small interlude of joy that can carry them through the next challenge of the day.    

In addition to its thoughtful formulations, the brand commits to sustainable business practices. It sources ingredients ethically and shares a full list of ingredients with its customers. Shield+Heal also formulates products without harmful substances, including formaldehydes, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. Besides botanical essences, formulations contain propolis. This resin comes from bees and is reported to have healing properties.  

I tried both the Botanical Lip Balm and the Medicated Lip Balm recently. I was impressed with the results. Over the years, I’ve had mixed experiences with lip balms. I’ve found that the ones that smell the best always seem to be the most drying. I keep lip balms at home, at work, in the car, and in all my purses. Even though I use lip balm generously and often, my lips run chapped and dry in the winter months. Shield+Heal’s lip balms deliver the results they promise. 

The Botanical Lip Balm has a sweet, watermelon scent. With a blend of sea buckthorn, karanja, and eucalyptus this product smells as delicious as it feels. The balm has a silky smooth application without a waxy feel. It melts into your lips upon contact, giving them an infusion of hydration. When the balm wore off, my lips weren’t left with their usual tight, chapped feeling. Instead, their moisture barrier felt and looked stronger. 


Shield+Heal’s Medicated Lip Balm has a mix of oatmeal, menthol, and camphor. The balm left my lips with a pleasant, cool, tingling sensation, like I had just eaten a stick of peppermint. This product is formulated to support the healing of fever blisters and cold sores. My lips felt softer and more pliable after just one use. Come winter, this lip balm is going to be one of my most-used products.  

If you’re looking for a game-changing lip balm that you’ll look forward to using, Shield+Heal’s collection has something for you. 

Shop Shield+Heal’s lip balms at the brand’s website, Target, and Amazon.

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