Skin Care During Covid-19: These Beauty Insiders Weigh In

Now that so many of us are home every day, how’s your skin care being affected during this Coronavirus, Covid-19 quarantine? Are you ramping up your routine, trying new products you’ve found online or at the drug store, making your own DIY skin care? Or are you slacking off, or “taking a break” if you prefer to call it that? I asked some well respected experts, my go-to girls in beauty, my beauty tribe – what they’re doing these days, and thought they’d provide some inspiration for us.

LeAura Luciano – Founder of Ever So Popular

My skincare routine has changed a bit during the quarantine. Since we’re all staying safe at home, I am using more masks – and not just sheet masks but really taking time to multi-mask using different masks on different areas of my face to address different issues. My favorites now are Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, Radiant Labs Revived Mask and Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. My daily skincare routine hasn’t changed too much. I am still double cleansing at night with the Cleansing Duo from Then I Met You and in the morning I use Solved Skincare Coconut Water Cleansing Foam. I am wearing less makeup right now too. The exception is for video calls, so for Zoom and Skype session I apply lipstick and a little concealer.  I try to meditate daily, it’s a great tool for helping with stress and it’s amazing for your skin and well-being. 

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Lara Eurdolian – Founder Pretty Connected

Quarantine has definitely had some profound changes in my beauty routine. For one I barely wear makeup or do my hair unless I have an important meeting or IG Live. I only wear scrunchies to avoid hair breakage, and I’ve been avoiding heat products unless I’m doing a photoshoot or important meeting. My nails are polish free, and I’m giving my skin, hair, nails a chance to breathe. Beauty has always been an escape for me and I always have a dedicated regimen of Micellar water in the AM (I don’t wash my face), toner, vitamin c serum, moisturizer. And at night I add a makeup remover/oil cleanser, face wash, toner, serum, retinol and moisturizer or sleeping mask (sometimes an oil on top if I’m feeling dry). With quarantine I’m spending a lot more time on my routine, and using more of my systems that I generally don’t have time for or involve a daily commitment. For example I’m using my microcurrent devices like my ZIIP and Nuface, which I otherwise get lazy with sometimes. I also finally tried the Oralgen tooth whitener system, which is a solution on a mouthguard you use twice a day for up to 7 days. I’m masking regularly, and sometimes double/triple masking. I have nothing but time to take care of my skin. Beauty wise I do plan on spending some time doing tutorials and testing out makeup. Currently I haven’t been as in the mood to play with makeup to give my skin a chance to breathe but that will change. I’m also looking forward to going back to my office to pick up some essentials like my Dr. Dennis Gross face steamer and my Foreo Luna face cleanser and UFO mask. I still cleanse with my foreo mini, but I’m dreaming about all the products in my office I love to use but neglect when I have a busy schedule.

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Megan Driscoll – CEO & Founder Evolve MKD

I’ve kept my skincare routine pretty consistent during this time – I use Isdinceutics K-OX Eyes (which is a life saver, since I basically live with under eye bags now since my sleep is so disrupted!), SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Serum, SkinBetter Science Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment (which I personally think is the best moisturizer out there), and a combination of ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica and sunBetter Tone Smart SPF 68 Sunscreen Compact, since SPF is still really important, even when you are inside all day.  The new skincare additions for me have been of the mask and tools variety.  I broke down and bought a jade roller, which feels amazing on my skin – I’ve been using each morning to combat stuffiness and as my “moment of zen” to start the day.  I also purchased Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Mask, to help combat my redness and Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask for extra hydration (and to use on planes when we can finally travel again!).

Exercise has also been critical to me to combat stress during normal times, so during the pandemic, it’s become religion. I’ve been working out twice a day, doing a combination of yoga, TRX, mat pilates, free weights and spin on my Peloton. I’ve also been trying to support some of my favorite group fitness instructors by taking their classes virtually – it’s been fun to see the familiar faces I am used to seeing in class on my Zoom, while still working up a sweat and having a laugh.   I’ve also finally been able to be consistent about meditation and journaling- still awful at the meditation (I can’t sit still!) but trying!

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Lauren Dimet Waters – Founder of Fountain of 30

My skin care routine has not changed much but since I have been unexpectedly sheltering in place in my hometown for the past 5 weeks I don’t have ALL my products with me so I have been using the same few on repeat which is probably a good thing (Revision Skincare, Dr. Perricone, Obagi, Emma Hardie). I have also been making my own masks and scrubs with items I have on hand in the kitchen and pantry since I did not pack any nor expect to be away this long. I have been making masks with avocado, oatmeal and even olive oil and my skin has never looked better! I am also drinking a lot more water with lemon to make sure I am hydrated which is the best skincare advice I can give. Well that and wearing sunscreen.

I am still wearing sunscreen daily as I try to get out for a good walk every single day. Even though most of my face is covered with a mask I don’t want the sun on any part of my face or neck. I am also wearing some makeup which I do for myself, besides I never know when I am going to have a Zoom meeting and like to be prepared. I am trying to keep to my normal morning routine so life will still feel somewhat normal Zoom mediations with my meditation group back home 3 times a week have helped tremendously.

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Wendy Sy – Writer & Editor Style Meets Story

I live in NYC but am spending quarantine on Long Island. Since I didn’t realize how long this stay would be and I didn’t bring my full skincare stash! But thankfully I’m getting by with a few essentials including the Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser, which I use at night. In the mornings, I cleanse my face with a splash of water followed by the Gülsha Rose Youth Nectar Cream that I also use before bed. 

With more time indoors, I’ve been reaching for my Gülsha Rose Quartz Facial Massage Plate — it’s naturally cool to the touch and feels so relaxing. I just swipe it across my cheekbones, forehead, and around the eyes for a quick pick-me-up a few times a week. And because it’s fitting for this moment, rose quartz since it’s a healing stone that’s said to promote inner healing and peace.

The biggest changes affecting my skin is just less of everything – less exposure to pollution, makeup, and products overall. (Although I’m dreaming about reuniting with my toner and face mist back at home) My skin is looking healthier but I’ve been on the computer more which has led to tired eyes. To de-puff and hydrate my under-eye area, Wanderlust Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks are a savior. Plus, the color gold makes me happy! Anything for a mood boost is much appreciated these days. 

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Alison Blackman – Editor in Chief Advice Sisters Beauty & Style

Even though I’m a beauty editor and I’m still testing out beauty products, my use of beauty products for personal use has slowed down. However, that doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing. I believe in maintaining my skincare routine.  I’m still using cosmetics with SPF 30 or above for when I’m out and about. Inside, it’s mostly lip balm and moisturizer to keep my skin from drying out. I’ve been using a humidifier as well. I have a number of body creams for the rest of me. Since I’m often at home alone, I’ve been trying out different facial masks. It’s a fun, affordable and effective way to keep skin in good condition.

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Trae Bodge, Smart Shopping Expert at True Trae

I’ve worked from home for 10+ years, so self-isolation isn’t as big of a change for me as it is for others. The main thing that’s different for me now is that because there are more distractions — connecting more with friends and family, having my 13-year old daughter at home and the constant inflow of distressing news — my once regimented schedule is off. I realized recently that I was skipping things in my self-care regimen, like using a facial roller or gua sha and doing masks, and I promptly got back on that train. Taking good care of my skin is something I’ve done since I was a kid and I feel like it’s not only good for the health of my skin but also for my emotional well-being.  

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Grace Gold – Beauty & Wellness Journalist

I’ve dug into my beauty cabinet to pull out treatments I’ve been meaning to try – think serums, peels, and masks. I only incorporate one new product into my existing routine per week so that I don’t overwhelm my skin. I’ve also found samples and half-used jars I’ve tired of, and am using them up on the backs of my hands and arms to help refresh as we head into sleeveless season. I’m taking the time to enjoy multiple cups of green tea throughout the day as I work from home, I always see the antioxidant-rich effects reflected in clearer-looking skin when I do. While I’m having more makeup-free days, I do find that putting on my eyebrows, undereye concealer, mascara, and lipcolor can make me feel a lot more “normal”. Our beauty routines can give us an important sense of control and calm in these otherwise very uncertain times.

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I hope some of these beauty insiders have given you some information, and/or inspiration. Stay safe, stay healthy every one, and keep taking care of yourself and your skin!

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