Skincare For Mother’s Day ( or for the Over-40 Woman)

What are you going to give your mother for Mother’s Day? Have you thought of a skincare gift? Such a gift is one that might particularly please your mother by introducing her to fantastic brands that focus on mature skin. Whatever your mother’s age, she will enjoy these brands that help mature skin fight the vagaries of time.

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care was founded by Elizabeth Grant in England in 1958 after she developed a cream to help heal her own skin, damaged by a bomb blast in WW2. Her greatest product is a pro-aging serum Supreme Essence of Torricelumn™. It is perfect to relieve all the concerns of aging skin. I love how easy it penetrates the skin and is easily absorbed, leaving skin feeling more hydrated, revitalized, and elasticized. Torricelumn™, extracted from kelp is rich in minerals and nutrients and the plant stem cells help repair skin. In the course of clinical studies conducted in Germany by DermaConsult GmbH among 20 participants for 28 days: 100% of participants saw an increase in skin hydration, firmness, and smoothness. What a wonderful gift to your mama; find it at

The Caviar Cellular Recharge Super Night Cream made with caviar, torricelumn, and a mineral complex containing zinc, copper, and magnesium. It nourishes and recharges the skin at night, diminishing the depth of wrinkles, replenishing moisture, and accelerating skin turnover. Your skin will immediately feel a boost, energizing it to look fresher in the morning. Phthalate-free and toxic free, find it at:

Many women do not understand how hormones affect not only their moods but their skin. When a woman is undergoing the effects of hormone decline that occurs at menopause, she requires specific skincare to address her new condition. Caire Beauty was created purposely to address the changes in a woman’s body that occur at menopause and that affect her skin. Created by two longtime beauty industry veterans and women of color Lorrie King and Celeste Lee, Caire aims at defying the influence of changing hormones on our skin. The Caire Beauty Theorem Serum Boost feels amazing when you apply it. Low-weight HA molecules, at 3 to 10 kDAs in weight, the tiniest molecules on the market make it possible for them to reach deeper into the skin. A growth factor peptide is also present to encourage a woman’s body to ‘turn on’ the latent HA molecules in her own skin. Theorem Serum Boost can improve skin firmness up to 200% in 28 days according to tests. Find it at

The Caire Beauty Triple Lift Molecule Mask works at reducing wrinkles with three types of hyaluronic acids and fermented polysaccharides in a gel-based tightening infusion. The mask feels a bit tight but don’t let this deter you, as it is a fantastic product that still nourishes the skin for up to one hour after you wash it off. It’s better to use both products in tandem to see the best results as they were designed to combine their benefits. Skin will simply appear lifted, clear, fresher, firmer and glowing. Gift this vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, clean skincare to your mom at

Dryness, firmness and volume are three of the concerns of aging skin that Aloe Attiva addresses in its aloe-based collection. What makes Aloe Attiva stand apart from other brands is that it does not use water in its formulations, but aloe vera — which is better at creating long-lasting moisture in the epidermis. The Aloe Attiva 3D PowerHydrator Waterless Face Cream comforts dry and dull skin by flooding its surface with hydrating aloe, powered with goji berry, beech tree bud extract, and sugar beet. After applying the moisturizer on your skin once, there is enough moisture in the skin to last for three days, according to clinical studies. My skin (which is mixed) feels less tight, more balanced, and firmer after using the face cream. Gluten-free, vegan, and clean, it is made in Italy. Pick it for your mom who suffers from dry, irritated skin at

For even deeper hydration, apply the Aloe Attiva’s 4x Powerlixir Waterless Face Serum before the moisturizer, which contains the most concentrated dose of Aloe Attiva elixir. With 7 types of hyaluronic acid, as well as echinacea and plant-based collagen, it restores vitality and elasticity to stressed, weathered hides in a few seconds. It feels fresh and invigorating on the skin, making it feel more bouncy with a very discreet and appealing natural scent. Waterless, plant-powered, clean, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free. Help heal Mom’s dry skin at