Skincare That Cares

Just three drops a day keeps the fine lines at bay. After applying My Daily Dose of Uplift serum, my skin is hydrated and ready to absorb my moisturizer. I don’t need to apply a primer because that would be redundant. My Daily Dose of Uplift does everything a good primer does—amping up my skin’s radiance, smoothing it, and priming it for the next step in my skincare and make-up routine.

This luminosity-creating cocktail contains marine-collagen, CoQ10, and hyaluronic acid. It is manufactured in Japan utilizing proprietary seaweed encapsulation. Good stuff!

This month, Skin Inc. Supplement Bar launched a special edition of My Daily Dose of Uplift, pledging to donate 20% of every sale to The Nightbirde Foundation, a nonprofit that helps young women with breast cancer receive the treatments they need when insurance won’t cover them. This special promotion will run until the end of the year.

What I like about My Daily Dose of Uplift, aside from its effective premium ingredients, is the packaging. The pretty glass bottle, which has a cool-looking pink cast, fits easily into the palm of my hand. Included, is a dropper that conveniently dispenses the serum without making a mess. Skin Inc. Supplement Bar has definitely aced the packaging.

Who needs My Daily Dose of Uplift? Although it is a bit pricy, it is worth the buy if your skin is looking dull and needs to glow up or if you are attending a special event and want to give your skin a mega-strength radiance boost. Plus, if you purchase it now or in the next few months, you’ll be donating to a really good cause. With My Daily Dose of Uplift, you’re always only three drops away from instant “glass skin.”

Rachelle Nones


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