Snail Slime to the Rescue with RoyeR Cosmétique

RoyeR Cosmétique is unique in that its skin care is made with organic snail slime collected fresh from its snail farm in France! Yes, I know snail slime might sound offputting, but its benefits date back to ancient times. Acne, hyperpigmentation, you name it, and it’s snail slime to the Rescue with RoyeR Cosmétique!

Rescue with RoyeR Cosmétique

The crew at Beauty News NYC has only great things to say about skin products from RoyeR Cosmétique. We even featured their snail slime hand cream as one of our top seven winter recovery products. So, I was excited to try some face care products when the opportunity presented itself.

Snail Mucin Light Face Cream

Rescue with RoyeR Cosmétique

As someone with combination skin in some areas and oily skin in others, the Snail Mucin Light Face Cream was custom-made for me. The cream was perfect for applying in the morning before makeup or after a shower at the end of the day. It coated my skin in a non-sticky, non-shiny moisture, while calming any inflammation.

Order your own Snail Mucin Light Face Cream online HERE.

Pure Snail Slime Serum

Rescue with RoyeR Cosmétique

I really enjoyed applying the Pure Snail Slime Serum both mornings and nights prior to applying the face cream. Containing 93% organic snail mucin, this serum works to repair damaged skin while leaving it nourished.

Order your own Pure Snail Slime Serum online HERE.

Micellar Lotion

Rescue with RoyeR Cosmétique

The Micellar Lotion turned out to be my surprise favorite product from RoyeR Cosmétique! I have never found a makeup remover that worked so well in my life. After showering, the lotion would cleanse my face of any makeup and impurities I missed, and with zero irritation. I especially recommend this to those with sensitive skin.

Order your own Micellar Lotion online HERE.

Learn more about RoyeR Cosmétique’s snail farm:

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