Stunning Skin in Three Weeks
Vichy Peel Microabrasion Rejuvenating Resurfacing Kit

Anyone that peruses the personal care aisles of drugstores knows all the major companies are producing at-home micro-dermabrasion kits. The idea of women using peels at home is a controversial one – some doctors think it can be harmful; others profess the wonders of these acid-based peels. Me? Well, I’ve used so many that 10 percent glycolic acid is like water to me, which is why I was pleasantly surprised by the Vichy Peel Microabrasion Rejuvenating Resurfacing Kit.

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Created by dermatologists, Vichy’s allergy tested at-home peel kit contains four products: a creamy exfoliating polish, a pad soaked in chemical exfoliants, a neutralizing spray, and an anti-aging moisturizer with SPF15. The first step involves physical exfoliation via the aluminum oxide micro-crystal cleanser. This step does for the face what sugar scrubs do for the body. Next comes the peel, which is administered through a pad soaked not only with glycolic acid but also with lactic acid. After about three minutes, a few sprays of the neutralizing spray stop the peeling action and allow the first peek at the results. Last comes the vitamin C-based moisturizer, an antioxidant-packed day cream that neutralizes free radicals, promotes cell turnover and stimulates collagen production while protecting against sun damage.

We all know those women with to-die-for smooth skin that’s both clear and radiant. Anytime you ask them what they use they feign surprise and claim they simply use moisturizer. I believe them as much I believe the models and actresses who claim they rarely exercise but eat pizza regularly. Well, if you want to make the ladies fume, invest in the Vichy Peel Microabrasion Rejuvenating Resurfacing Kit.

Though this three-week system is a gradual process, there is a sense of instant gratification after the first application. As with any effective peel, you’ll notice smoother skin immediately. However, to reap the full benefits and get antioxidants to the dermis while your pores are clean, you must follow directions. Swap your regular day moisturizer for Vichy’s during the three weeks you use the Peel Microabrasion Rejuvenating Resurfacing Kit

Now that you’ve committed for three weeks, what do you have to look forward to? Well, scientists tested the treatment on 42 women aged 34 – 70 with moderate sun damage. After using the Vichy Peel Microabrasion Rejuvenating Resurfacing Kit for three weeks, subjects noticed a reduction in pore size by 40 percent and a 39 percent improvement in tone evenness. If that’s not enough, nearly 15 percent noticed an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the latest must have at-home spa treatment. To welcome summer most aspire to a bikini-ready body and skin that requires minimal makeup. Commit to this treatment for three weeks and you’ll be ready for a summer of bronzing and glossing.

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