Take Leave From Bad Skin with Vieve’s Leaves

The battleground of skin against summer is constant – and with my combination skin and constantly changing environment – well it is tiring. One of my key problems is constant inflammation from environmental stressors. However, simplifying it all has never been simpler than with Vieve’s Leaves CBD all-natural skincare collection. While this duo restorative skincare set can’t fix the inflammation of my life, it can help with my skin’s reaction to it.

vieve's leaves duo restorative skincare set
Photo by Sophia Calderone

Vieve’s Leaves Restorative Serum and Rejuvenating Facial Fusion (the moisturizer) are designed to utilize all-natural, holistic ingredients that work together to fight all the baddies out there trying to get your skin vibes down.

Vieve’s Leaves uses E-Cann, a proprietary blend of vitamins and hemp-derived ingredients to relax, restore and rejuvenate your skin. You can tell it is real because the product is actually listed on Leafly. The duo targets aging, stress symptoms, lines, wrinkles and super focus on antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients while catering to all skin types out there. Nobody gets left behind.

The ingredients of each product feel amazing just to read as I applied them to myself. I do love reading material while I commence my skincare routine.

Vieve’s Leaves Restorative Serum

vieve's leaves duo restorative serum
  • E-CANN Proprietary Blend
  • Fruit Stem Cells
  • Peptides
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamins A, E

The Vieve’s Leaves Restorative Serum has a watery texture so don’t get too excited when you first pump. This is due to it being a certified pharmaceutical-grade water-based product. I also found one pump to be enough to cover my whole face. The Rejuvenating Facial Fusion moisturizer follows afterwards to lock in all that skinfood goodness.

Rejuvenating Facial Fusion Moisturizer

vieve's leaves duo rejuvenating facial fusion moisturizer
  • E-CANN Proprietary Blend
  • Fruit Stem Cells
  • Organic Aloe
  • Green Tea
  • Chamomile
  • Ginkgo

If you are wondering whether the CBD in these topicals will give you little fun side effects – it won’t. But having a nice skincare regiment and seeing your skin glow is its own special pleasure. The CBD’s role here is more on relaxing the skin than creating bodily effects. There is a chance that they will help the skin become less reactive to environmental stressors which like I mentioned above is an issue that I, and I assume many many people who live in NYC, have. I wonder if I wore this product will it make me less angry when strangers at a bar won’t leave me alone. Is there skincare that can do that?

Regardless, the power of all-natural ingredients such as hemp, ginkgo, ginseng, and loads of vitamins that help with cell turnover, skin firmness and fighting against free radicals are a part of what Vieve’s Leaves was set out to create. A holistic skincare that really puts all of its information out there, while many companies hide behind commonly used terms – Vieve does the legit opposite – with posting a glossary on their website, links to further terminology on Bydie, and even having an accessible link to their lab reports from testing the product. I felt that this product comes at you with an aggressive, informative hug that provides a warmth in the brand image I have not seen in other companies.

Vieve’s Leaves was created by CEO Genevieve Dolan, who came from a highly active lifestyle before the 2020 pandemic hit. Between event planning, volunteering, socializing with friends and so on, her background is not foreign to that of many New Yorkers. Balancing “to-dos” with the aftereffects is a delicate understanding that night goers learn to master. Perhaps this is what drew me to this product, as who else can know how to deal with different “environmental stressors” better than someone who has come to experience them.

Sophia Calderone

Sophia is a native Brooklynite with a deep love for food, drink and solo-travel. Previously a techie in the agency world, she has now swan-dived into more creative endeavors. She has a strong taste for whiskey with a growing spreadsheet of past affairs and can be seen eating anything from dollar pizza to Michelin star restaurants meals. Sophia is also a cat-lover holding a TNR certification and can be found taking care of community cats or professionally pet-sitting someone’s fur baby.