The Cutest Pimple Patches To Brighten Up Breakout Days

In the beauty world, I love how simple things can brighten your day, and pimple patches are the perfect example of this. These trending skincare essentials not only effectively address breakouts but also transform your skincare routine into a fun and colorful experience. Here are a few of my favorite options that make my day a little better.

Starface Party Pack Pimple Patches ($10.99) 

Starface reigns supreme when it comes to all things acne. The brand is known for their effective patches and fun color ways and their hydro-stars are made with 100% hydrocolloid, a material that’s clinically proven to absorb fluid and help reduce the appearance of inflammation to shrink spots overnight. They recently collaborated with Sanrio for a limited-edition Hello Kitty collection and they are super cute. 

Squish Beauty Flower Power Acne Patches ($14) 

These patches, crafted from hydrocolloid, a gentle, non-drying ingredient, are perfect for sensitive skin. Hydrocolloid aids in bringing blemishes to the surface naturally. Their patches create a safe, healing environment, preventing scarring and promoting blemish disappearance without harm to surrounding skin. And may I say, they are super cute. 

Winky Lux Catne Pimple Patches ($15) 

These cat-shaped hydrocolloid acne patches not only help reduce the appearance of blemishes but protect the skin from bacteria, prevent picking and help minimize discomfort to encourage faster natural healing. They are the perfect statement for cat lovers and skincare fanatics alike. 

Kyrah Quilan Senior Editor at Beauty News NYC
Kyrah Quilan

Kyrah, a native New Yorker, embodies a unique blend of urban sophistication and creative spirit. With a background in PR and communications, she loves all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion and travel. You can find her scouring thrift shops for hidden gems, spending hours on her curly hair routine, planning her next solo trip, or curating a bomb Instagram feed.