The Science and Messaging of Good Skin – Q&A with Dr. Robin L. Smith, Co-Founder of Exoceuticals

Some say the skin care market is oversaturated – so many lines, old and new launches, promising more or less the same results at every price point. Now that we’re all as close as we’ve ever been to attaining bouncy, glass skin, has the beauty renaissance kicked off by the Korean skin care explosion run its course? Of course not. 

The most exciting and cutting-edge skin care brands are focused on more than just a protocol of cleanse, treat, and hydrate. In a market ripe for the next breakthroughs to halt, if not reverse, loss of laxity, suppleness, and radiance in the top dermal layer, biohacking is all the rage. Scientists are feverishly exploring ways to tap into our skin’s remarkable natural healing processes for diminished fine lines, increased hydration, and noticeable lift – all from within. Driven by the latest medical research and clinical trials, exosomes are the most buzzed-about breakthrough that beauty trailblazers are harnessing for the formulations of the future.

What exactly are exosomes? Buckle up… it’s time for a mini science lesson. Exosomes are nano-sized messengers that zig-zag between cells conveying needed information and feedback amongst them for coordinated metabolic and immune function. These tiny molecules function just like that friend who knows exactly what gossip to feed to whom and when in the friend group to ensure emotional tête-à-têtes and maximum summer-long drama… but for a good purpose. This enhanced, multi-faceted, and intrigue-free cellular communication is what strengthens the top dermal layer for optimal hydration, brightening, and tightening of the skin.

In a commitment to best harness this technology, co-founders Dr. Robin L. Smith and Dr. Nicole Martin brainstormed a product line to best incorporate their preferred, high-quality exosome, the eXo³. As the backbone in Exoceuticals, it’s as close a recipe for perfection as one can find in a bottle. And that’s what motivates Dr. Nicole Martin, Board Certified Anesthesiologist and recent addition to Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami  – her everlong pursuit of perfect skin.

The core offering of this luxury, science-backed brand are of course the serums – the ideal delivery for exosomes. The EXO H-SERUM™ Hyaluronic Acid Treatment combines eXo³ , aloe vera exosomes, and seven different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to maximize penetration and hydration at all levels of the dermis. Lightweight, fast-absorbing, and fragrance-free, it rivals that other multi-weight doctor-branded HA serum that comes with a significantly higher price tag. Even my skin, growing oilier and oiler every summer day, drank it up. 

If cocktailing serums for both brightening and anti-aging protocols, start with EXO C-SERUM™ Vitamin C Treatment. It delivers an additional dose of exosomes and stable, potent, and proven forms of Vitamin C for brightening and collagen synthesis.

To complement both serums, EXO FACE® Perfection Moisturizer combines eXo³ with seaweed extracts and fatty acids for a boost of density-improving moisture and tightening that left my oilier than thou skin balanced under makeup without greasiness. In just 2 weeks of using both serums and the moisturizer, I noticed a marked luminosity and youthfulness to my skin from up close and afar, as well as a smoother texture.

For age-disrupting care to larger parts of the body, EXO BODY™ Advanced Body Lotion delivers the proprietary exosomes, fatty acids and hyaluronic acid to train the skin to retain moisture and protect its barrier. Though the formulations are as unisex as its sleek, modern packaging, Excoecuticals also offers a targeted EXO MEN™ Hydrating Moisturizer specially formulated to deal with post-shaving irritation. 

After bolstering my knowledge and experience of scientific skincare, I was ecstatic about speaking to the pioneering beauty entrepreneur and scientist behind Exoceuticals. With major Ivy League bonafides, both an MD. from Yale and an MBA from Wharton, Dr. Robin L. Smith brings exceptional expertise in regenerative medicine and a history of disrupting the wellness and healthcare industries with pioneering research. If she hadn’t founded a next-level skin care line, we’d have to ask her to. 

Q&A with Dr. Robin L. Smith

1. What are your top 3 favorite ingredients, sources, and/or methods of extraction for clean ingredients?

My top three favorite ingredients for clean skincare are eXo3 exosomes, Aloe3 exosomes, and Next Gen Naturals. These ingredients are sourced from three primary origins: exosomes, which are microscopic vesicles packed with growth factors and bioactive molecules from both plant and human adipose derived stem cells which have been extracted from tissue; natural botanicals from the land including the Agastache Mexicana plant, chosen for its soothing properties; and marine botanicals including sea kelp, noni fruit, sea lettuce, brown algae, and Irish sea moss, which are sustainably harvested to deliver powerful antioxidants and vitamins.

2. What product in your line are you most proud of? Describe the genesis of the product

The product I am most proud of is our EXO SUN™ After-Sun Treatment. This groundbreaking powerhouse combines both exo3 and aloe3 exosomes into an optimized formulation that specifically targets damage and irritation caused by daily environmental insults, such as UV rays. EXO SUN is particularly significant as it is the first product in our Exoceuticals line to include both types of exosomes, harnessing their synergistic effects to provide next-level skin repair and rejuvenation.

The genesis of EXO SUN™ came from our commitment to combating photoaging, which is primarily caused by UV exposure. To address this, we developed a product that not only treats immediate sun damage but also mitigates long-term environmental effects. Crafted with a lightweight, cooling consistency, EXO SUN™ leaves a refreshing and calming effect on the skin reducing signs of redness, puffiness, and irritation. 

3. In addition to clean formulations and sustainable practices, diversity is one of the hottest trends in beauty and wellness. How does Exoceuticals approach/embrace diversity?

At Exoceuticals, we believe in a human-centric, science-lead approach to skincare.  We are committed to carefully listening to the needs and human stories behind every skin type before our team of experts delve into the molecular complexities of skincare ingredients to develop formulations that are safe and deliver visible results for any skin type.  One of the unique attributes of Exoceuticals products is the exosomes (exo3) bioactive ingredient that communicate directly with cells. The exo3 exosomes have the ability to “speak” directly to the skin cell they interact with in order to understand and personalize what is necessary.  The exo3 exosomes then can deliver the personalized regenerative cargo of proteins, growth factors, miRNA and other bioactive molecules directly to the cell.  Exo3 exosomes speak a universal language which transcends skin differences and brings benefit to everyone that uses them.

4. What was your eureka moment, when you knew deep-down that it was the time in your life, and in the market, to start your own brand and make your own products? 

Human skin has an extraordinary superpower: the ability to repair and regenerate itself. However, despite an ongoing renewal process, the skin’s regenerative capacity reduces with age and exposure to extrinsic stressors.

The  Exoceuticals  principals  have  been  investigating  the  molecular mechanisms related to stem cells for over 30 years including the novel signaling aspects of stem cell derived exosomes.  Exoceuticals has developed methodologies to specifically optimize exosomes to increase their bioactive capacity.

Exosomes have the unique ability to target and transfer regenerative cargo to their recipient skin cells.  In doing so, exosomes modify cellular phenotypes activating the skin’s regenerative powers and significantly impacting overall skin health. 

The Eureka moment was the acknowledgement that we were ready: our previous experience plus the pre-clinical work and clinical studies with our products validated our beliefs that we could impact the regenerative capacity of skin and personalize the necessary regenerative support each person’s skin needs to elevate their skin health and look their best.

5. It’s hard to believe that there are still skeptics out there about the benefits of a dedicated skin care regimen, especially to slow down the aging process and treat skin problems. How do you address that skepticism?

Exoceuticals is fueled by innovation, but strongly rooted in science. I believe the strongest way to address the skepticism is by providing proof. Strong scientific proof of concept data through preclinical work which demonstrates functional benefit of the product and/or its ingredients coupled with clinical studies which demonstrate activity by measuring validated endpoints of efficacy and improvement in the skin will help to eliminate skepticism. It is hard to refute real science and clear evidence. But the best proof is that people love the products. In our last clinical study done by a third party, 100% of the participants self-reported improvement in their overall skin appearance leaving skin healthier and younger looking. They also said emphatically that they would recommend Exoceuticals to a friend.

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