This Foot Fix Isn’t Shelfie Material, But It’s Awesome

Granny panties.

Now that I have your attention, let me explain—we all have a pair of those floating around our underwear drawer, and for good reason. They’re a no-frills essential that you turn to when you need them. Not sexy, not meant to be, not sorry.

Arm & Hammer’s Feet & Heels Moisturizer is exactly like that. It’s not pretty—the tube basically looks the same as the box of baking soda that’s deodorizing my fridge. It doesn’t scream luxury or “take a picture of me!” If it says anything, it’s “hide me in the cabinet behind the toilet paper and medicated powder!”

Listen, this was sent along in a box with another brand’s skincare products I’m testing and I didn’t think I’d use it, let alone write about it. But doing my due diligence, I gave it a shot, and proceeded to eat my words.

Anyone who’s foot-phobic enough to not want to touch their own feet (or is it just me?) will be excited to discover there’s a nubby massaging applicator to do the dirty work for you. All you do is squeeze a bit out onto your foot, work it in with the massager, then twist closed and rinse it off. The whole getting-your-hands-messy step has been the thing between me and soft feet, because I don’t want to rub on lotion bedside and go to sleep with foot hands.

While that applicator sealed the deal for me, so did the fact that this moisturizer is formulated with an AHA (glycolic acid) which works to gradually dissolve hardened, calloused skin while other ingredients like coconut oil moisturize and nourish. The cooling kick of peppermint is pretty cliche for a foot product but refreshing nonetheless. Beware if you wear dark socks after applying—you might have a little but of a lint situation later.

Who knows the next time we’ll all be able to get a professional pedicure, let alone be in public, so my tip is to stock up on a couple of tubes of this and keep those calluses at bay.

Get yours on Amazon, $9.87