This Gift Set From Flora Mirabilis Is A Dream Come True

Flora Mirabilis Founders, Jordan LaFragola and Christopher Cuseo.

This gift set from Flora Mirabilis has the tools you need to turn skincare into self-care, no magic wand required. Holistic esthetician, Jordan LaFragola, has spent over a decade working with clients to meet their skincare goals. Jordan’s expertise, combined with her clients’ feedback, inspired her to formulate The Face Oil Moisturizer. This multipurpose elixir contains a blend of 10 botanical ingredients designed to bring a vibrant glow to your visage. It’s formulated to be effective for all skin types. The lightweight oil has a gentle fragrance that lingers. Its deep floral and wooded notes call to mind a walk through an enchanted forest. This exclusive formula is custom-made in small batches, adding to its glamour and allure. 

Flora Mirabilis’ gift set also includes the brand’s Cleansing Clay. The cleanser combines clay and oils to lift impurities without drying out skin. Work its creamy texture into a gentle foam to cleanse your skin while keeping your moisture barrier balanced. Follow up with a facial massage using the Beauty Tool included in the gift set. The Beauty Tool promotes lymphatic drainage, helping your body, mind, and spirit stay in a state of flow.  


Flora Mirabilis’s magical experience starts from the outside in. The products are ensconced in vintage vials, adding to their charm. Jordan’s dedication to empowering her consumers extends to her blog as well. Besides providing products, Jordan offers advice to help others navigate their way to healthier skin. Readers of the blog learn about common skin conditions, skincare ingredients, and current skincare techniques. With Flora Mirabilis’s products, you’ll enjoy a luxurious, relaxing skincare routine every day. From the lovely packaging to the enchanting application, Flora Mirabilis’s products are a dream come true from start to finish.    

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