Underrated Summer Holy Grails – Triple Paste, Bath & Body Works, and Skin Smart Antimicrobial

An effective skin care routine is difficult to master. There are a few key pillars to consider when building your own skincare regimen – hydration, exfoliation, and protection. Although it tends to be hot and humid in New York during the summer months, it’s still extremely important to keep a solid routine to ensure your skin is glowing – not peeling – throughout the season. I’ve got the lowdown on three of my favorite brands that are about to become your skin’s new go-to this summer.

Triple Paste Diaper Rash Cream

Before you click away, hear me out. I was scrolling on TikTok when one of my favorite creators, Board-Certified Dermatologist, and owner of the Dr. Idriss skincare line, caught my eye. She was discussing how to revive a damaged skin barrier, and whipped out a product I did not expect to see – diaper cream. She explains that Triple Paste has Zinc Oxide, often used in sunscreens, and has beneficial healing properties for the skin. She coined this term “face-basting,” an alternative to “slugging,” with Vaseline or Aquaphor. As someone who shaves their face almost every day, I knew I had to try this – and it did not disappoint. The consistency is extremely pasty, and clings to the skin unlike anything I’ve used. I officially face baste two to three times a week, particularly after I shave and need a bit of a recovery moment for my irritated cheeks. It comes in a huge tub to live at home =, or a smaller tube for basting on the go. It’s talc-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic (a winner in my books!) Although you’ll go to bed looking like Casper, you’ll thank me when you wake up glowing and hydrated. For my sensitive friends, think of it this way: if it’s safe for a baby’s bottom, rest assured it’s not only safe, but brilliantly effective for your face!

Bath & Body Works Body Care SPF 50

If you know me, you know one of my favorite pastimes is trying new sunscreens. When I saw Bath & Body Works’ latest release of sunscreen sprays, lotions, and lip balms, I knew I was going to be impressed. Known for their classic scents, B&BW truly outdid themselves with the variety for this line – including ‘At The Beach,’ ‘Waikiki Coconut,’ and my personal favorite, ‘Costa Rica Pink Pineapple Sunrise.’

Each product has an SPF 50 or SPF 35 rating, meaning your skin will be protected whether you’re at the beach, swimming in the pool, or just lounging in the backyard. They’re also water resistant (duh) and make reapplication easy with a choice of lotion or spray. They have chemical UV filters, and have yet to irritate any skin on my body. I love how lightweight the spray feels on the skin and its duality of acting as a perfume and sunscreen. Now, let’s discuss the standout product for each scent:

‘At the Beach’: I highly recommend you try this in lotion form. The unique blend of white frangipani, toasted coconut, bergamot waters, saltwater breeze and sunkissed musk makes this scent completely unisex, and a joy to apply. It’s thick, but not overwhelming, and absorbs quickly into the skin.

‘Costa Rica Pink Pineapple Sunrise’: This one totally wins as a spray! Slightly more feminine, it has notes of sweet pink pineapple, palm sugar and sun-drenched nectar, making it super layerable with any perfume you’d like. If you’re a fan of the OUAI St. Bart’s Body Spray – this is a great option to pair with.

‘Waikiki Coconut’: I am obsessed with coconut. Naturally, I appreciate any beauty product that infuses tropical delight. The coconut lip balm is with me at, no exaggeration, all times! The lips are often forgotten about when it comes to sun protection. However, they need just as much care as everything else! The lip balm is easy to apply, smells pleasant, and gives my lips avid sun protection.


SkinSmart Antimicrobial Sprays

Hypochlorous Acid is making waves on TikTok for a reason! It’s a soothing hero, naturally found in our white blood cells – a “natural disinfectant.” It is your skin’s own little defender, ready to battle bacteria, inflammation, and more. SkinSmart harnesses this powerful ingredient in their products. Whether you’re dealing with eczema, redness, or breakouts, it’s an effective solution for any skin type. And yes, I mean sensitive skin, too!

SkinSmart was founded with a mission: to create effective, science-backed solutions that anyone can afford. They’ve cracked the code on producing medical-grade hypochlorous acid through an advanced electro-chemical process. So, when you spritz a SkinSmart spray on your face, feet, or anywhere else, you’re not just getting skincare—you’re getting science! Keep on reading for a comprehensive breakdown on each product I tried.

Tip: Be sure to let the spray dry before adding any other skin product – and avoid that Vitamin C serum (it could potentially cancel its properties.)


SkinSmart Facial Spray

I’ve purchased this one myself throughout the last year or so, and it is truly a holy grail in my routine. It’s extremely beneficial halfway through the day, killing bacteria that’s formed from sweat. If you workout in the morning, the facial cleanser is perfect post-gym if you don’t have time for a shower!

Target Area: The Facial Spray is specifically designed for acne, breakouts, and redness. It’s perfect for controlling bumpy, scaly skin with a simple spritz.

Usage: Apply the Facial Spray directly to your face to soothe irritated skin and promote a healthy complexion.


SkinSmart Wound Spray

The other day, I made the mistake of walking through Central Park with new shoes. Naturally, I came home with painful blisters and cuts on my ankles. Thankfully, the SkinSmart Wound Therapy steps up to the plate in this department. It’s all about safely removing bacteria without irritating the skin or the wound itself.

Target Area: The Wound Spray specifically targets chronic wounds, burns, rashes, and even post-op recovery. It’s also a go-to for tattoo aftercare and piercing maintenance. You can use the Wound Spray on any skin area, including sensitive spots like eyelids and the groin.


SkinSmart Feet Spray

Listen, we all get stinky feet! But, why does it happen? Basically, sweat leads to odor causing bacteria. It’s designed to tackle foot-related issues, providing relief and freshness. I love to spritz my feet before going out for the day, and right before bed! Not to mention, it’s a great pre-game deodorant for armpits, too.

Target Area: Feet, feet, feet! Whether you’re dealing with athlete’s foot, blisters, or general foot discomfort, this spray is a trusty option. It offers a refreshing, cooling effect—a real showstopper for naturally curing smelly feet!

From diaper cream, to sun protection, to antibacterial sprays, your skin deserves to feel fresh and protected this summer!


To purchase Triple Paste, visit any drug store or on Amazon.
To purchase Bath & Body Works SPF Line, visit them in store or on their official website.
To purchase SkinSmart Antimicrobial, visit their official website.