Weekend Skincare for Chillaxing

The weekend is here and I just want to hang out at home. TJ’s Pasta, glass of wine, and watching 2000’s teen movies with the sprinkle of rich hot cocoa. Comfy jersey PJs, fuzzy socks, silk scrunchies. And skincare. It’s my go-to peace of mind when I want to feel a little more human. I grab my products and I know my weekend skincare will be a breeze. I’ll be back to Netflix ASAP.

I start with the AVYA Milk Cleanser, packed with Hyaluronic Acid, Snow Mushroom, Coconut, and Peptide Complex. A non-foaming oil cleanser that moisturizes my skin while I wash. No dry, tight skin here.

Following up with the Hydroveda Moisturizer. It’s thick yet sinks into the skin, plush and pillowy – leaving me glowing, and helping to prevent fine lines and wrinkles!

It may be the weekend lazy-day routine but I cannot forget the eye cream. The AVYA Hydroveda Eye Cream is incredible and made with Peptide Complex, Lupine Flower Extract, and AVYA Signature Complex. I dip my ring finger into the jar and dab the cream under my eyes. Silky dreams is this eye cream!

Last and final step before I head back to my movie marathon is to treat my acne spots with Spot On by RAF FIVE. It comes in a convent roller ball applicator, so it’s easy to use, even on the go (not that I’ll be going anywhere this weekend besides the mailbox). This vegan and cruelty-free formula contains Thiotane, which is derived from mushrooms and is an antioxidant known to help brighten skin. Niacinamide and CBD Isolate aids in helping oil production, and Zylorma™ Complex fights against bacteria that causes acne. This little tub is my saving grace as I hang on the couch, applying as needed.

Have a fab weekend, Beauty News NYC! I’ll be heading back to Netflix.