Women We Laud: Meet the Ladies Behind SheaMoisture

Sundial Brands is the manufacturer of SheaMoisture and a company led by a fierce team of businesswomen. The female executives are progressive trailblazers and motivation for future generations. We got the scoop on the ladies of SheaMoisture, the women they most look up to and, of course, their favorite SheaMoisture products.

Cara Sabin, CEO

Cara Sabin is the CEO of Sundial Brands. Her favorite SheaMoisture product is the Red Palm & Cocoa Butter Curl Stretch Pudding. The pudding is made with natural ingredients such as Red Palm Oil to provide hair with vitamins and antioxidants, Cocoa Butter to moisturize dry strands, and Flaxseed Oil to treat hair that is prone to shrinkage.

Cara’s female inspiration is “[her] mother,” who “has been [her] biggest cheerleader as well as challenger to push [herself] to stretch and reach for higher goals, to embark upon what may seem daunting and to make the biggest impact [she] can.”

Tracey Jennings, SVP of Marketing

Tracey Jennings is the SVP of Marketing at Sundial Brands. Her favorite SheaMoisture product is the Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. The smoothie contains powerful vegetable butters to condition the hair, leaving it voluminous, shiny and full of healthy moisture. “[She] absolutely loves how this makes [her] curls come to life! It makes each of [her] coils soft yet defined and looks fresh for days. And it smells super yum too.”

While Tracey is “humbled by all of the amazingly successful women who have made an impact in [her] life, [her] true inspiration is [her] 96-year old grandmother. Margaret Vines. Very simply, she reminded [Tracey] to be kind. Titles and money may disappear, but who you are as a person will always be what others remember.”

Simone Jordan, Head of Community Commerce

Simone is the Head of Community Commerce at Sundial Brands. Her favorite SheaMoisture product is the Coconut & Hibiscus Illuminating Body Wash, packed with Vitamin E, Coconut Oil & Hibiscus Extract. “With all the amazing body washes, and personal care products [SheaMoisture] innovates often, this remains [Anna’s] favorite. This product was [her] first introduction to SheaMoisture, wandering Target’s aisles and finding a body wash that contained shea butter and other natural ingredients, and promised to be gentle on [her] skin. Still, to this day, it continues to make [Anna’s] skin feel moisturized and has kept [her] skin conditions at bay.”

The woman who has inspired [Simone’s] success and encouraged [her] to always ‘stay the course, but never be afraid to zigzag en route.’ is [her] mom Falishia Jordan, [Falishia’s] a businesswoman, former educator, and the most inspiring part of her journey – she was an administrative assistant. It was at the start of her career that Simone witnessed her aspire to learn from her leadership and achieve similar success as them. This road meant she had to complete high school level courses 30 years after graduating, and she didn’t stop there – She went on to put herself through college so that she could lead her family by example. Simone has now taken this same approach in [her] career, leading by example. She aspires to resume where she left off in business and occupy roles that were not accessible to her in her career.”

Anna Lynn, VP of Marketing

Anna Lynn is the VP of Marketing for Sundial Brands. Her favorite SheaMoisture product is the 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Overnight Face Oil, whose blend of Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil “locks in the moisture and works while [she] sleeps!”

Anna has had “really great managers, coaches and mentors throughout [her] career and it really has been the small stuff that gave [her] the confidence over the years – the great job here, the encouraging hug here and there and the push to go outside my comfort zone. It’s important as leaders not to underestimate how these small gestures can make an impact on someone.”

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