Stila’s Sarah Lucero Is In the Hot Seat


Sarah Lucero, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Global Artistic Director for Stila Cosmetics, sat In the Hot Seat with Beauty News NYC for September.

September is easily one of my most favorite months, since it means the onset of fall and warm, deep, rich colors, matte textures and a wide range of makeup options to go along with all the amazing new fashions and trends coming down the runway and the realway. Summer is the season for ditching products and high maintenance looks. Fall is all about bringing them back.

As is customary with this column, Lucero shared some special secrets with us and with you that are easy to translate into real life.

BN: What are the top two Fall 2014 trends we need to know about and how can we recreate them with Stila products?
SL: The top two fall beauty trends are a deep berry lip and beautiful strong and long brows. Backstage at Nanette Lepore, I created a berry-stained lip with Brigit Color Balm Lipstick. I applied it as a stain and blotted off excess texture with a tissue. I wanted the models lips to look like they were eating berries they got by passing through a local market. I called this look ‘gypsy dreamer.’

At Rebecca Minkoff’s show, I created a berry matte lip using Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipcolor in Amore. It’s a beautiful wine shade that looks modern and quite cool on every girl. I added a darker pencil in a brown/wine shade and added a bit of depth to the Amore; this instantly gave it a “mod maven” feeling and totally fit Rebecca’s style.

The best brow product is Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color to create fuller, brushed up, beautiful brows. This pen is like a bunch of thin little hairs and tints your brows. I use two shades on everyone. The light ‘fills’ near the front of the brow, without making it too dark or heavy, and the medium or dark pen adds strength and defines the arch and tail perfectly. I’m obsessed with the brow pens by Stila.

BN: What is your favorite Stila product of all time and why?
SL: My favorite Stila product, besides the brow pens, would be Convertible Color Cream Lip + Cheek in Poppy and Peony. I feel like I don’t look like myself unless I have convertible color on!! It truly wakes up your face and instantly brightens up your complexion. If I could only have one thing in my bag, it would be Convertible Color for sure.

BN: My fave Stila product ever is the Lip Glaze — will there be any updates or changes to that line? Or maybe tell us why that product has been so enduring and so beloved, in your opinion? Lip Glaze is iconic.
SL: I love hearing that “click” anywhere. I can always spot a Stila girl with that click! The colors are bright, beautiful and optimistic. They go on sheer so you can still see your natural lip color coming through. That’s the secret behind why it works and looks so good on everyone.

BN: One Stila product ALL women need in their bags and why?
SL: Convertible Color and Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Black. This liner is so easy to use and allows you to create the perfect cat eye and enhance your lash line. Every girl needs this product. I always tell women to try applying your mascara before liner. This way you can see how far out to draw and where to ‘lift’ the wing so your eyes look super sexy…works every time.

BN: Favorite non-Stila or mass market product and why?
SL: Weleda Skin Food cream is pretty awesome. You can find it at Whole Foods market. I use it everywhere. I use it backstage on the models cheekbones to create a ‘glossy’ highlight without too much shimmer. It smells amazing and can be mixed with anything. I always have a tube of Weleda Skin Food near by!

BN: Do you have a universal makeup tip that you want to share that applies to all women?
SL: I always tell women to spend a few extra minutes perfecting their skin with a great foundation and apply it with a brush. If your skin looks good and has a freshness to it, then your makeup will always stand out and look beautiful and minimal makeup will make more of an impact…nudes, bronze, peachy, pale lips….you don’t want your makeup competing against redness or blotchy un-even skin. So my tip is to spend time on your complexion.

BN: What is your personal beauty philosophy?
I feel beauty always comes from within. If you feel good and have confidence it always shines thru. I always tell people to get enough sleep and go outside and exercise daily. I live in L.A. and love to hike outside. Whatever you need to do to reduce stress, do it. For makeup, my beauty philosophy is keep it pretty balanced and play up one favorite feature —eyes, lips, skin. Whatever you love about yourself, play that feature up!! Keep the rest of your makeup mellow. Personally, I always play up my eyes. I love mascara.

BN: Can you help me solve this beauty conundrum? I do not wear red lipstick. I can’t. I try. I hate it. Other MUAs have offered me tips and products, and I try them, like them for five minutes and then ditch them, TBH. What is my alternative for fall when I want some matte, concentrated color, but nothing that’s too red, too bright or too Old Hollywood. HELP!
SL: Go for a lip stain like Stila Cherry Crush and apply two layers to your lips. It gives you a red lip look but eases you into it without being to heavy or bold. It makes your teeth look brighter too!! Or try wearing Cranberry Lip Glaze. That gives you a hint of that classic modern red lip without making a real commitment!

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