Strip-Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover

File Under Things I Absolutely Love: My goes-the-distance mascara and eyeliner. File Under Things I Absolutely Don’t Love: My eyes when I wake up the next morning, after having washed my face and used makeup remover, and finding blackened eye boogers and additional traces of my goes-the-distance mascara and eyeliner on my upper and lower lashlines! It infuriates me, especially since I double cleansed and looked and felt makeup-free and fresh. Well, that problem has been eradicated with Strip Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover. The luxe formula is like washing your face with fluffy clouds, and it smells like a dessert tray. More importantly, it wipes away every last vestige of long-wear makeup and feeds your skin with nutrients like amino acids and more. So it’s a makeup remover with skincare benefits. Also a yes, yes, and yes. The coconut oil will cleanse, plump, and smooth, while the Vitamin A-rich mango seed butter revitalizes skin. Shea butter is shea butter — a moisture miracle. Ginseng root (brighten and balance) and white tea extract (anti-aging) complete this rich recipe. Wave buh-bye to last night’s makeup… unless, of course, you desire that “next day” look.


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