Summer’s Hottest Accessory – Luscious Lashes


My lashes with sans mascara with XTreme Lashes

You’ve probably been hearing about these things in whispers already, “eyelash extensions”. How does it work? How do they get it on there? How long do they last? Now, I don’t know about you, but the idea of someone being fairly close to my eye with tweezers and some blinding glue makes me a little nervous. That’s why the idea of a required certification made me feel a little bit better.

[b]XTreme Lashes[/b] may not sound haute couture, but believe me, your friends will stare in wonder and envy all the same. XTreme Lashes,, is a company that not only manufactures actual lashes, and all the tools that go along with them, they train and certify people to apply the lashes. Yes, you can breathe again.

Now for the details –
Lash extensions are something that you need to go to someone to apply for you – not even the best can do it to themselves as you have to have your eyes shut! They tape your lower lashes down with a jelly-type pad so they don’t glue them to your upper lashes. No, it isn’t comfortable, but you get over it. Now, the lash extensions themselves are thicker at the base, thinner as they go up, and flare at the end so your Shu Uemura curler can get a rest. XTreme Lashes can give you any length you want and an advanced professional can even “highlight” lighter colors to match a blonde or redhead. It takes about one and half to two and a half hours as you lie down and wake up a movie star. The cool part is, since they’re literally bonded to each individual hair there’s absolutely no line along the lashline. You can stare at them from any angle (and trust me, you and all of your friends will) and they look like your lashes. They also feel like your lashes. There’s no period of time where you have to adjust and get used to wearing false lashes, they just feel like a part of you.

My lashes on their own.

My lashes after Lori was finished!

Now for the best part – they don’t come out until your eyelash falls out. Seriously! They can last for up to 60 days. I got excited too! It all depends on your lash cycle and how often you lose them. But you can go in for touchups if you start to look a little sparse in one spot. And yes, you can still wear mascara, you just want to steer away from waterproof formulas and oil-based removers as they can dissolve the glue. The first 24 hours after application it is key to refrain from touching them (which is oddly difficult because you just want to make sure they’re real) or take a shower as the steam can effect the glue.

Lori Hamlin at work

In searching out who I wanted to go to get my lashes done I found a lot of attention around [b]Lori Hamlin[/b], and after meeting her I understood why. Lori’s application of lashes was included in a gift basket for the Golden Globes and she was busy at a suite at the Academy Awards. She’s an amazing makeup artist who has powdered the noses of everyone from Stella McCartney to Suze Orman. Lori has true gift for picking the lengths that will suit your lashes and layering them all in one at a time. After seeing her work in her certification class, Xtreme Lashes asked her to be a trainer on the spot. She also is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! Raised in Michigan, she wants for her clients to look and feel great and instantly makes you feel completely at ease. She has a great little spot in Soho where she does makeup and lashes in between her shoots for various tv, film, and editorial work called [b]Lori’s Lash Bar[/b], located at 145 Sullivan Street,, 800.378.7125.

Lori’s Lash Bar

If you have a wedding, an event, or just want to feel really pretty, you should really check XTreme Lashes out (if you’re not in NYC their website lists certified specialists in your area). I’ll put it to you this way – I was at Henri Bendel’s and a certain Desperate Housewife (who shall remain nameless) wanted Lori’s information after seeing my eyelashes – no lie! Your old strips of lashes will be so last season!

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