Summer Beauty Pairings “Get the Look” Series: Bold Brows + Bold Lips

This season, I am introducing my new Summer Beauty Pairings “Get the Look” series, bringing together different focal points of makeup into styles that work well together and that you can easily recreate.

You should always keep in mind that products and features must compliment each another in some way when worn together. Sometimes, it’s totally obvious what works; sometimes, it’s not that obvious at all. And sometimes, it’s what you’d least expect that works wonderfully, and that’s what makes makeup so exciting!

This summer, bold brows and a bold lip are a gorgeous combination of both clean and statement-making.

To get the look, here’s what I did and what you can do.

I groomed my sister Paige’s brows by brushing them up—many times— and then I trimmed them and dusted the blond shade of an Ardell pencil through the brows. I combed them with a spooly to soften the end result. I applied Urban Decay Brickhouse Lip Gloss and then blotted.

Ardell Brow Defining Kit: I have been using Ardell Lashes for as long as I can remember. I am very happy to see the ever-expanding brand putting out more thoughtful products! This deluxe brow kit is perfect for makeup artists or people with chameleon eyebrows. The warm brown is perfect for redheads who may have difficulty finding the right shade. Some users like to apply the wax before the powder, but I like to keep the brow slightly moist from foundation or tinted moisturizer and use it afterwards to push any stray hairs back in place It works better than you would think and even has a built in sharpener.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Vivien: This gorgeous color, christened “Vivien,” is so shamelessly seductive in both touch and texture. It is an exquisite shade of reddish plum. NARS is offering a spectrum of 40 shades in this range, and they offer high impact color payoff and lip luxury, since the satiny formula glides across the lips in a single stroke and offers dramatic depth.

Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lip Gloss: These decadent lip glosses offer more than just shine. You get creamy, intense color that keeps lips at their fullest and well-hydrated. Plus, you get high-coverage color with only one coat. Revolution Lip Gloss comes in a clear barrel so you can see the color inside and it’s also slim enough to fit comfortably in your back pocket.

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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