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There are numerous cosmetic companies with an abundance of foundations. How are we supposed to choose which one is best for our skin? After all, someone like me who has sensitive, combination, mature skin with large pores never can find a foundation that is ideal for all my skin issues. So many of these foundations are full of junk, oils that clog the pores, preservatives, fragrances, ingredients that are bad for the skin. And then, one day I discovered bareMinerals foundation and my worries were over. bareMinerals foundation is part of the i.d. bareMinerals makeup line by the cosmetic company Bare Escentuals.

BareMinerals Foundation is unique. The purest form of foundations on the market, and ideal for any and every skin type, hard to believe, huh, but it is true. bareMinerals are crushed, 100% pure minerals from the earth, containing only natural ingredients, no preservatives or fragrances, hypoallergenic and contain a SPF15.

According to Leslie Blodgett, CEO and President of Bare Escentuals, “Mineral makeup is here to stay.” There is no talc or binders in bareMinerals, something all liquid and pressed foundations and powders contain. Leslie assured me they would never have any product, such as a liquid foundation, that would cause them to put those “bad things” back into the makeup. She also explained that though we might think a liquid foundation would supply more moisture to the skin, often times they tend to dry out the skin.

Bare Escentuals, the company that was started in 1976 is nothing like it is today. Leslie, whose background is in product development and marketing, joined Bare Escentuals when the makeup line was small and sold only in retail boutiques. She found the makeup did not match people’s skin tones so she reformulated it to make it more refined.

Their mission, at Bare Escentuals, is to convert people over to the healthy alternative, which is better for the skin. To back this up they did a clinical study involving bareMinerals foundation.

In the study women, ages 16-65, with moderate acne and/or rosacea participated. Rosacea and acne are skin conditions causing redness, skin dehydration, some dryness, uneven texture, sensitivity and inflammation that can lead to pimples and bumps. Bare Escentuals theorized that acne and rosacea symptoms can be aggravated and irritated by cosmetic products that contain additives such as preservatives, binders, oils, fragrance and other chemicals, none of which are in bareMinerals. Therefore, by using i.d. bareMinerals foundation, the symptoms would be greatly reduced and the overall appearance and condition of skin would improve. The women in the study applied bareMinerals foundation according to the directions for at least once a day for 2 weeks. Expert dermatological evaluations were made at baseline and after 2 weeks use. The conclusion and results by the experts noted an average 31% reduction in redness, an average 73% reduction in skin dehydration/dryness and an average 49% improvement in the overall condition of facial skin (smoothness, elasticity and skin texture). The majority of the women involved in the study noticed an improvement in the appearance of their skin and agreed that bareMinerals smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They saw a reduction of rosacea and fewer acne breakouts, with less irritation and redness.

If I were not convinced before to try bareMinerals I certainly would be now.

The line of makeup is sold at Bare Escentuals boutiques around the country. Currently there are 24 freestanding boutiques with six more openings slated for this year. The boutiques are beautiful, elegant stores carrying the full line of cosmetics, brushes, bath and body products and M.D Formulations all under the Bare Escentuals “umbrella”. Bare Escentuals acquired M.D. Formulations, a superb skincare line, in 2001. I visited the New York City boutique, located at 1140 Third Avenue between 66th and 67th. This location has been opened almost a year. The day of the opening found women lined up around the corner to experience the celebration and have a chance to meet Leslie Blodgett in person. The boutique has special touches such as complimentary champagne and tea served everyday. On Sunday there are bagels, pastries and mimosas offered. What could be better than a makeover and a mimosa, which is my kind of morning.

On my visit, Stella Salisu was the makeup artist who assisted me. She sat me down in her chair and began to work on my face like a painter with a blank canvas. She removed any debris accumulated on my face. She then applied the Skin Rev-er Upper, a primer of sorts, which is a multi-vitamin supplement for the skin. She let that set and next used the oil free/SPF15 moisturizer. Because I have large pores, she applied the Mineral Veil, a translucent beginning and finishing touch, before and after the foundation. The Mineral Veil minimizes the appearance of lines and pores. Mineral Veil is also used if you need a quick touchup during the day, eliminating shine. Stella chose a perfect foundation for my skin, 2-light. She demonstrated the application technique on one side of my face and then had me repeat it on the other so I would know how to apply it myself at home. She poured a little of the minerals in the cap of the container, swirling the foundation around with the Kabuki brush (a must have for easy, perfect application). Tapping the excess off in the cap, so as not to get the minerals all over my clothes, she buffed the foundation all around my face. My skin appeared flawless and smooth. My pores and imperfections disappeared instantly and I had a natural vibrancy. Mineral blending gives a natural luminosity to skin. Leslie uses the analogy of “A light that has been turned on within”, giving the skin a natural, dewy look.

I had fun picking from all the wonderful colors of blush and eye shadows.

The color shades and names mimic things in life. For example, they brought women together in a room and asked them to close their eyes and think of something that made them happy. Leslie observed their faces and noticed a rosy shade develop from the natural flush of the skin. Hence the name Glee for the all over face color in a rose shade. Warmth, a bronze all over face color is great if you are not feeling well and color has drained from the face. It is a great complexion booster. I have a fair complexion so Warmth is my new best friend. After Stella applied it, I had a luminous, healthy glow. The great and unique quality about the bareMinerals shades is they can be applied as blush and contour, eye shadow, even lip color. Stella mixed a little water with a shadow and created an eyeliner!

There are some gorgeous new spring colors available. Stella put Garden, a new lip-gloss in a shade of pink with a pink lip liner on me. The new shadows go from bright to brown. Kiss and Compassion are the blushes that add radiant color to the cheeks in the Spring Collection.

Stella painted me with Vanilla Sugar as the highlighter with, Java in my crease and on my eyelid. Coffee Bean, liner shadow, accentuated my eyes and pulled everything together giving me a subtly dramatic look.

Another innovative product from bareMinerals is the brushless mascara wand. Stella explained that the brushless wand lets you get closer to the eye and builds up the lashes without clumping. One of the best parts of using bareMinerals is the products go a very long way and are so inexpensive. Quality, quantity and affordability. The foundations are about $25. The blushes and all over face color range from $18-$20. The shadows and shadow liners range from $12-$15.

Now I understand why so many women have been loyal customers for years. I love the fact that I am putting an all-natural product on my face and improving my skin with every application. How many cosmetic lines can make that claim about their foundations?

i.d. bareMinerals cosmetics can be purchased at any of the Bare Escentuals boutiques, from Q.V.C or from QVC.com, Sephora, Sephora.com, and Ulta and selected Nordstroms. Visit their website at: http://www.BareEscentuals.com

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