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Until recently, and I really mean really not so very long ago, all we had was mascara and false eyelashes to enhance those windows to our souls. Most of us opted out of the false eyelash look as it was too time-consuming and simply “too much” for everyday. So we put the search for the perfect mascara on par with the search for the perfect man – we knew it (or he) must be out there somewhere and damn it, we weren’t giving up the fight…. for the mascara, that is. We perfected the art of application and seriously weighed the merits of lengthening vs. thickening formulas, waterproof or not, and compared notes with trusted pals – the ones with great lashes, anyway. Fast forward to today and we’ve got eyelash perms (no thanks), eyelash growing serums and individually applied eyelash extensions which are a huge hit, very expensive to maintain but too dramatic for some.

Drum roll please.

I now introduce you to the latest and greatest in the arsenal of lash enhancement: Lashdip. Have you heard about it yet? If not, let me be the first to turn you on so that you can be the maven amongst your circle of beauty junkies and fashionistas.

What is it?

LASHDIP is a semi-permanent lash coating that must be professionally applied and lasts approximately four to six weeks depending on how careful you are. It can be applied to both top and bottom lashes. Imagine waking up every morning with your mascara already applied? Imagine swimming, crying, or sweating and never having your mascara smear or run down your cheeks? Lashdip was declared the 2011 Beauty Breakthrough on the Today Show.

Jessa & Gina

Who’s the genius behind this?

Meet Jessica (Jessa) Harley and Gina Mondragon, two gorgeous, lively, friendly and oh-so-knowledgeable beauty experts from Chicago who are lash experts in every way and true pros at lash extensions. They created the Lashdip formula and not to worry, it’s been tested to be perfectly safe and causes no irritation.

Is Lashdip like wearing false eyelashes or lash extensions?

No, lashdip replaces the need to apply mascara daily. It looks like mascara not false eyelashes or extensions. For some women, it’s become a way of life and they’ll never go back to the hassle or using mascara. For others, they have it done for special occasions such as weddings so there will be no runny mascara with those tears of joy; or for vacations where they’ll be swimming and don’t want to be totally bare-faced. It’s also perfect for those with pale lashes who would prefer not to have to apply mascara daily.

I’ve had two Lashdip applications with the fabulous duo. The first time, Gina did a Lashdip only application. I followed the instructions of using an oil-free makeup remover only, and my application lasted a little over a month. I loved waking up and seeing a face in the mirror that looked like it didn’t need any eye makeup. But truth be told, when it comes to my lashes, I’m not subtle, and I’ve always used multiple coats of pricey lengthening mascara. A couple of months later when they were back in NY, Jessa did a second Lashdip application, but this time added a few lash extensions to the outer corners of upper eyelid. Whoa…Va Va Voom! Totally Glamazon! Not a look for everyone, but perfect for me as I prefer a dramatic eye.

What about if I’m using an eyelash growth serum?

No problem. With the longer length lashes you grow by using such products such as Latisse, Talika Lipocils Expert, Miss Oops or Rapid Lash, the Lashdip results will be even more dramatic.

Where can I get this done, how long does it take and what’s the cost?

Jessa and Gina have spent time traveling around the country and personally training eyelash technicians in their proprietary Lashdip technique. Here in NYC, you can have it done at Courtney Akai Lash Boutique or Townhouse Spa amongst other places. Check out the Lashdip website and click on your state and you can see who’s doing it in your area. It takes about 1.5 hours. You comfortably lie on a spa bed that’s so relaxing you might doze off. Depending on where you go, the price is about $200.00 and often includes one touch-up.

Check out:
Courtney Akai – http://www.courtneyakai.com
Townhouse Spa – http://www.townhousespa.com

Eyelash extension serums that work!
http://www.latisse.com, http://www.missoops.com http://www.talika.com http://www.amazon.com (for Rapid Lash)

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