Tarina Tarantino + Sephora = Love


This month’s Beauty section was devoted to products that help me and you step outside of our comfort zones and to try new things as we transition from Summer to Fall. I invite you to try things you might dismiss; to change your routine; to go bright when you want to blend in; to go dark when you want to go light! This new, Sephora-exclusive collection certainly suits the theme!

Earlier this year, jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino partnered up with the makeup retail giant for a fairy and princess inspired collection of makeup in keeping with the artist’s free-spirited, vintage’ish and unabashedly colorful aesthetic.

Through August, a new series of products, dubbed Tarina Tarantino Fashion Collection, is available and the packaging is as adorable as the products are high quality. The collection is accessories-inspired, boasting neon orange, yellow and green packaging and corresponding cosmetic hues, as well as wearable items like lip gloss rings. It’s the true fusion of makeup and fashion. While the designer is known for her whimsy and princess-like baubles, the Fashion Collection cosmetics aren’t quite so precious. They are frothy, but have substance. They are brighter than the light of a million suns, but they are real-world ready.

There are five distinct collections – the Bibarucci, Candy Cameo, Electric Butterfly, Tokyo Hardcore and Victorian Punk – and each has three core pieces: a lip gloss ring, Eye Dream Hypershadow and Gem Gloss. The Tokyo Hardcore collection is pictured above, in its entirety. While some of my favorite lines – MAC, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, NARS – house their wares in all-black cases, it’s a nice change of pace and almost a mood elevator to use these products in the morning.

The products are extra girly and seem young at first glance, but trust me, they are plenty playful and entirely wearable. Color reigned supreme this summer and it’s carrying over into the Fall. While hues are deepening for the autumn, you can enjoy the last vestiges of the summer season by experimenting with color through this collection. The lip gloss rings can add a pop color to your ensemble, all the while functioning as your secret stash lip wardrobe. The pressed shadows blend beautifully and have the richest texture and while you might not automatically reach for a lime sherbet shade for your eye shadow, it imparts the sheerest wash of color to brighten your eyes in the sweetest of ways.

Bibarucci (a blend of fashion icons Biba and Fiorucci) mixes blacks and golds, while Candy Cameo focuses on pink and pink! The Electric Butterfly series celebrates orange, which you might recall was an “it” color for summer 2010. Tokyo Hardcore’s centerpiece is green, and the apple-hued gloss lets your lips look honey-glazed. Victorian Punk celebrates violates and boasts skulls on the packaging and the purple shadow is easily the most perfect Summer-to-Fall shade I’ve used in recent memory.

Even if your personal style doesn’t quite mesh with the Technicolor, “notice me” brights that defines Tarantino’s Fashion Collections universe, you can still sample from each set, because the products themselves are universal and usable no matter what your personal “look” or preference. Besides, show your youthful side by sporting one of the gloss rings. Whatever the case, the products will fancy up your handbag. This season, I’ll be toting a new Marc by Marc Jacobs slouchy hobo or a Kooba cross-body bag and I can guarantee each will contain a few Tarantino Fashion Collections finds.

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