The Greatness of Giella: Makeup Matchmaking Made Easy


My favorite pair of black pants have been dry-cleaned about 1.2 gazillion times. Fearing the pants will suddenly vaporize from over-use while I’m still wearing them, I called the clothing company in a panic to see if they still manufactured that particular pant style. To my dismay, I found out they discontinued it. I’ve had similar experiences when it comes to my makeup. Despite the vast array of beauty products formulated for what seems to be every skin type imaginable, women tend to find that one very special product that they will commit to forever – the “Mr. Right of Beauty products,” if you will. And though we may never forget our favorite pair of pants, or our first true love for that matter, it is possible to find a very similar and perhaps even better replacement. Giella is a cosmetics line that helps us do just that!

In New York City, Giella is located exclusively at Henri Bendel and offers the unique service of custom blending colors to fit your needs and specific skin coloration. Giella and her team of talented color specialists formulate lipsticks, blushes, concealers, foundations, powders, nail polish and countless other cosmetic necessities right then and there while you wait. Using ingredients of the highest quality, Giella products are non-cometogenic, fragrance-free, allergy-free and dermatologist-tested. They also contain a form of quartz, which has the ability to change the way light is reflected off the skin, thus minimizing surface imperfections like lines and large pores.

Because this is the bridal issue, I must make mention of the fabulous ways in which Giella can be of service with regards to your wedding day. If, for instance, your bridesmaids’ dresses are burgundy, Giella would custom blend a nail polish and makeup palette to suit each bridesmaid’s complexion so that she looks her very best in the burgundy dress. What’s more is each woman can choose how the makeup is applied. For example, the mirrored containers are ideal for shadow, concealer and blush and can stack together for easy portability and convenience. You can decide whether your lip color is best in a traditional stick form, in a tube of gloss or from a twist dispenser. Blush can come in a cream or powder. The possibilities are close to endless.

Watch as the ingredients are poured into a heating device and molded to perfection in a matter of minutes. For a very reasonable price, your bridesmaids can walk away with an adorable Bendel’s mini-hatbox full of custom-blended products as well as a professional makeup application. Giella will even provide the champagne for a unique Bridal Shower held in Bendel’s private party room. There’s also the option of having your own personal Giella color specialist come to you on the big day. After all, the full line of colors as well as the heating device is completely portable!

Check out for more information on how to send fabric swatches and samples of makeup color to get Giella products delivered right to your door. Each color recipe for the personalized cosmetics is kept on file for future reference and named exclusively after you!

What better gift is there, then the gift of beauty? Treat your bridal party to the fabulous Giella line and the girls will look great no matter what color the bridesmaid dress is. Transport yourself to the Emerald City of makeup, and don’t ever fret again if you’ve almost used up your favorite discontinued shade of lipstick!

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