The Limboss Revolution: Limor Segal’s Path to Founding LIMBOSS

Starting a skincare and makeup line is no easy task – especially for a mother of four! Actress and comedian Limor “Limbo” Aloni Segal took her passion for makeup to create a luxury line that would feature game-changing products. LIMBOSS, a Singaporean brand founded by Segal has countless amazing products, and has recently released an SPF 50 lipstick – the first of its kind!

Limbo has worked with thousands of women, using her love of makeup to help her clients create a skincare and makeup routine that works for them. She’s worked with brides, celebrities, fashion weeks, and within the entertainment industry. Her nickname, Limbo, comes from “Limbo the Boss,” when she was named National Education Manager for a highly respected brand.

Before 2019, Limbo had dreamt of creating a brand that would help women look their best anytime, anywhere. Carefully crafted, each LIMBOSS product is made with the highest quality of ingredients and is cruelty-free and vegan. Here is a skincare and makeup routine full of my favorite products from LIMBOSS:


Before applying makeup, incorporating hydrating products into your routine is extremely important. The Beauty Drops Hyaluronic Acid Serum is fantastic for replenishing, hydrating, and soothing the skin. It comes in a sleek clear bottle with a rose gold pump that ensures no product is contaminated or goes to waste. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, this serum is perfect for prepping the skin for makeup, as well as prepping your face for the next step.


When applying concealer, it’s really important to make sure your under eyes are hydrated and ready for the product. A two-in-one massager and eye cream, this product is perfect for ensuring ultimate hydration and delicately preparing the under eyes for makeup. I also recommend it for everyday use, as its ingredients are infused with antioxidants and moisture-retaining agents. Combatting puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles, it truly makes me look awake in the morning! Similarly, its unique packaging ensures freshness and a proper amount of product, so you don’t overuse it.


Finding a skin tint, foundation, or SPF that blends seamlessly into the skin can be nearly impossible. The Little Black Dress SPF50 Foundation offers more than just any foundation, with an adequate level of UV protection and a long-wearing formula. I love this foundation because it truly made my complexion shine, while still looking like skin. With its sleek packaging and dreamy application, it’s a great investment to bring your makeup routine to the next level.

4.Cashmere Powder Blush

Skipping a few steps ahead, one of the hidden gems in this LIMBOSS lot is Layla, the Cashmere Powder Blush. While I usually prefer a liquid blush, this product shifted my expectations. Its texture is velvety, giving the skin a natural yet sophisticated look. An impressive shade range, it can make any skin tone pop without looking cakey or blotchy. However, what sets this blush apart is its longevity. I applied it at eight in the morning and had no need to touch it up throughout the day. Its packaging is sleek and stylish, making it easy to bring it on the go.

5.Stiletto SPF 50 Lipstick

Innovation is key when it comes to beauty products. The Stiletto SPF 50 Lipstick is a true game-changer. As an SPF snob, I was intrigued by the product and was pleasantly surprised by its application. It glides on smoothly, giving an even and clean look. While I prefer a natural-looking lip, its variety of shade range gives users the opportunity to use it for any occasion. While it has matte pigment and gives a full-coverage look, it can last throughout the day without breaking or peeling, I highly recommend you try this product – you won’t ever forget to protect your lips again!


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