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Who knows more about what women want than the people who work on them every day? Doing makeup on a daily basis can help you weed out what works, what doesn’t, and what really matters. There are a number of makeup artists who have long been successful in the world of artistry and want to put their own slant on what’s truly important at home in your cosmetic drawer. Each of these all-American artists is setting their own pioneer path through the world of makeup.

Makeup by Eddie Funkhouser

Having traveled all over the world as a makeup artist and as well as a creative consultant for different cosmetic lines, Eddie Funkhouser, has a rich background that appeals to all types of women. You may have seen him on MTV’s Mission Makeover and caught just a glimpse of how infectious his joy is and how disarming he can be with people. His latest quest has been to develop a professional-grade line that helps women “get in touch with their true light so that they can achieve whatever they want.” Sounds good!

E. Funkhouser New York’s Concealor & Eye Base neutralize, brighten, and conceal uneven skin tones and hide dark circles as well as act as an eye base for your shadow. The Loose Mineral Pigments are available in pairs and come with one shimmer and one matte powder. The shades can be used dry on eyes, cheeks, face, or body for a sheer wash of color or wet for more intensity. A unique item in his lineup is the Highlighting and Contouring Kit which gives you all the tools you need to get to highlight and shadow like a pro as well as a step-by-step instructional booklet with all of Eddie’s secrets. Since contouring is often a botched mess in the hands of your average consumer, this kit is a goldmine of information. Specially picked products that come along pretty much sums up Eddie’s whole line! E. Funkhouser New York is available at

Makeup by Mally Roncal

Does Beyonce‘s constantly shifting look from soft and natural to glammed up diva on the red carpet often garner more of your attention then the actual award show she’s on? You’ve seen Mally Roncal‘s stunning work on the faces of Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Angelina Jolie, and, of course, Miss Knowles, just to name a few. Mally grew up with her parents philosophy that “the things that make us different are the qualities that make us beautiful” and this concept has led her through numerous music videos, red carpet premiers, and photo shoots. mally BEAUTY launched in March 2005 with the aim of creating a line that was fun, feminine, and fashionable. She started with eight key items that she couldn’t live without, “I love giving my clients sexy smokey eyes, a defined face, gorgeous lipgloss…and I am crazy about texture and color.” But the fun doesn’t stop there – mirrors are oversized, reusable snakeskin pouches stand in for cardboard boxes, and compacts are refillable.

The Citychick Smokey Eye Kit gives you everything you need for the evening look – a four-pan compact contains an eyebase, lid color, crease, brow highlight, and a silky black pencil to provide extra depth. Brownstone and Skyscraper are the palettes and they take the guesswork out of smokey eyes. Lift, Love, and a Really Great Lipgloss is the set that comes with an amazing gloss with four color options and a clear wax pencil meant to be used as a liner along the outer edge of the lips to keep the gloss from migrating. Think of Mally’s line as practical, professional, and full of personality! mally BEAUTY is available at

Makeup by David Klasfeld

How many times do you get home from the department store and find yourself thoroughly disappointed in your latest purchase? Makeup artist David Klasfeld and chemist Stephen Gatti developed Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics “for when you’re OVER the counter.” David has worked in editorial and advertising involving makeup as well as on product development and airbrush trainings for numerous television shows. Tired of false claims and empty promises, the duo has their 100% Vegan line launching this fall but have a couple of preview products available now.

Their Shea Butter based Tarred and Feathered Colour Lip Balms may look intimidating, but will be two things you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again. Tarred was created when David was on a set and in need of an incredibly neutral lip color that would still read on camera – something that didn’t look like lipstick but was soft and ever so slightly pigmented. Feathered came about as a result of a search for a reliable lip primer when David found himself constantly retouching lips on shoots. Sheer white in hue, Feathered gives lips a neutral base allowing lipstick and gloss to be true to color while the demi-matte finish helps lip color to stick. A thoughtful line from a thoughtful pair. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are available at

Makeup by Michele Spooner

If you’ve ever watched the news you’ve inevitably seen the work of Michele Spooner. MSNBC, 60 Minutes, Court TV, and even the Carson Daly Show all have Michele on speed dial for all their on air needs. With a background in just about everything you can do with makeup, Michele’s favorite aspect of being a makeup artist is the personal service she is able to give. “What I like is making regular, everyday people look and feel good about themselves.”

Launched on the web in 2003, Zee Cosmetics specializes in simple, straightforward products like the “Your” Eye Kit which allows clients to pick four shades (out of 30 options) to customize their choices. The Hint of Mint Lip Glosses taste amazing and have a creamy texture that isn’t too tacky. One of the most special aspects of Michele’s site is her online questionnaire where you can get tips on application, color advice, or help in deciding on a custom blended foundation – all of it from Michele herself. “She’s about making the most of your face with a minimum amount of makeup applied in just the right places” affirms Diane Diamond, anchor and reporter for Court TV. Zee Cosmetics are available at

So take a tip from those who know and check out the new kids on the block before they get into the mainstream – you can say you knew them when…

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