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Sania Vucetaj

I first met Sania Vucetaj when she was the eyebrow queen at the [b]Buff Spa at Bergdorf Goodman[/b]. I had noticed that a few of my friend’s brows were looking especially Michelle Pfeiffer-esque and was intrigued. It turned out that they were all clients of Sania.

She has since ventured out on her own and has an incredible space, [b]Sania’s Brow Bar[/b], right on 56th Street off 5th Avenue and is continuing to shape the brows of New York City’s elite, but this time it’s on her own terms. The space is open and airy with a huge window, beautiful chandelier, and comfy couch to sink into while waiting for Sania.

My brows before Sania got her tweezers on them. Eek!!

My beautiful brows after Sania did her magic!

Sania employs tweezing to achieve the look she desires for each client and works off of what she feels is most flattering to each person. She doesn’t have a “signature brow” because everyone is different and one brow shape doesn’t work on every person. Sessions take about 20 minutes and include shaping, filling in, and advice on how to improve what you’ve got. Classes are also offered on Thursday evenings where Sania teaches you how to shape, repair, arch, and maintain your own brows through tweezing, brow powder, brow pencils, and general trade-secrets we’d all love to know!
I got to sit with Sania and ask her some questions about her thoughts on eyebrows –

[b]Me:[/b] What is the biggest mistake that you see with people’s brows?
[b][i]Sania:[/i][/b] When they’re too thin, shapeless, and too trimmed.

[b]Me:[/b] What are your feelings on dying brows?
[b][i]Sania:[/i][/b] Dying uses chemicals and can be too much for the fragile hairs that eventually will stop growing in. Later they become sparse with age.

[b]Me:[/b] How do you feel about waxing? threading?
[b][i]Sania:[/i][/b] Waxing stretches the skin and is not precise enough.
Threading is not precise but is better than waxing.

[b]Me:[/b] What’s your favorite brow pencil? brow powder?
[b][i]Sania:[/i][/b] Paul and Joe Brow Pencils and Becca’s Brow Powders.

[b]Me:[/b] Why do you like to use both?
[b][i]Sania:[/i][/b] I use the pencil to fill in gaps and powder of the whole brow for a finished look.

[b]Me:[/b] What’s your favorite brow gel?
[b][i]Sania:[/i][/b] Becca’s – it’s like cement!

[b]Me:[/b] How often should people get their brows touched up?
[b][i]Sania:[/i][/b] Every four weeks or so.

[b]Me:[/b] What tweezers do you like the most?
[b][i]Sania:[/i][/b] Tweezerman Angled.

[b]Me:[/b] Anything you wish people knew about you? Your studio? Brows in general?
[b][i]Sania:[/i][/b] Brows are the one thing that can make or break a face. I am all about repair – your brows look better and better each time a client comes in which allows me to help the client get more pefect, full, even brows.
Trust has helped my success. I don’t sell products (at my studio) and I offer no other services because I want people to know what they are getting each and every time. I’mproud of it. I refuse to tamper with my name such as some specialists selling products like stencils, bad pencils, etc. (I’d rather) send them out for things I trust.

Sania’s Brow Bar is located at 18 West 56th Street, Suite 9; 212.247.1129;

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