To Plump or Not to Plump?

While most of us are trying to slim down to feel confident in a bathing suit this summer, there’s one fattening thing on almost every woman’s mind – lip plumpers. They’re everywhere! Which one do you choose? Do they really work? Do they hurt? All valid questions in the search for Angelina’s pout.

Let’s go over some basics – first off, they don’t all hurt but you can defiantly feel something. With DuWop’s Venom Gloss as the granddaddy of the genre, the newer lip plumpers claim to be cumulative as well as immediate (immediate mostly being increased blood flow to your lips due to their special cocktail of ingredients and smoothing of fine lines). In order to really know if they are indeed cumulative you’ve got to commit and use them twice a day for about a month. I’m just being honest with you. The matter of which lip plumper is going to be right for you depends a lot on what your desired effect is and what theory appeals to you most.

Let’s start off with the latest addition to the fold, Lip Fusion. At only three months old it is the #1 seller in Sephora and continues to go strong. It’s also the most expensive of the group and here’s why – they dehydrate collagen molecules into little microspheres that can penetrate the tissue of your lips. The natural moisture in your body causes those molecules to re-hydrate up to 50 times their size! Results last up to 48 hours and the product also helps to eliminate fine lines in the lips since it is encouraging so much hydration. They just earned the Good Housekeeping Seal and don’t test on animals – what’s not to like about that? Lipfusion is available at

Another top seller is Pout’s Plump who wins best packaging in my book! They’re also my favorite taste – a cooling peppermint that’s refreshing and very soothing. The plumper contains a patented ingredient that you’re going to be hearing a lot about called Maxi-Lip. What it does is restore collagen and other amino acids in your lips to re-energize the protein strands. The result is a more smooth and defined lip that is also fuller and firmer in texture. Pout says that after a month of continuous treatment your “lip volume” is proven to increase by 40% and that results are permanent as long as you continue application. Pout Plump is available at

Last year’s Good Housekeeping Winner for “Most Dramatic Change” in Lip Plumpers was City Lips and with good reason. They use two main ingredients, Oligopeptide and Celadrol, to increase lip size and plump wrinkles caused by free radical damage. Oligopeptide is a blend of amino acids that bumps up collagen, increases skin’s elasticity, and hydrates. Celadrol is a patented anti-inflammatory that draws healthy nutrients and fluids to the lips while halting the inflammation that causes aging. City Lips is available in 13 sheer color shades as well as clear and can also be used to maintain collagen injections if you do decide to go under the needle. City Lips is available at

Another line with color options is The Balm. Available in 17 different colors ranging from sheer pink to opaque plum, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you. A combination of folic acid, menthol, and Vitamin C increases blood flow to lips and reduces the appearance of fine lines. The Balm also incorporates Maxi-Lip for cumulative benefits. A friend of mine has problems with lip colors feathering on her and she swears by the colors from this line. The Balm is available at

“Bee stung” lips are the goal for Philosophy’s Big Mouth glosses. Pink and Nude are your color options and they really do enhance your own lip color and encourage fullness – the pink one is my favorite! Philosophy decided on a combination of menthol, aloe, and topical vitamins to soothe, soften, and smooth your lips, no needles necessary. Big Mouth can be worn alone or under your lip color to give a little pop. Big Mouth is available at

A little science, a little shine – just how we like it. So sport those voluptuous pouts with pride all summer long!

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