Traveling Overseas? Here’s What Product You Need to Pack

Traveling is stressful, both for you and your skin.

In the past, I have touched upon skin prepping for an extensive overnight flight here, but I realize I haven’t written a basic “checklist” for packing makeup and a few brushes for a trip. I am married to a European —he’s Italian— so I am faced with this dilemma yearly.

It obviously depends what part of the world you’re going. It also depends on the temperature and time of year. So take that into consideration.

If you are going to a fashionable city like Rome, London or Paris, you might want to pack light so you have room to find and purchase a few international goodies. Really think about how you will be spending your days, so that your beauty and makeup regimen go hand-in-hand.

You should have your comfort zone…no matter what your time zone.

No one wants to spend that much time putting makeup on while on vacation, so here is my checklist of a few essential makeup items you should bring with you while on vacation to ensure your comfort and confidence in a new place.

Of course you can bring as much or as little makeup as you’re comfortable with. For a very basic checklist, scale all the multiple quantity of stuff down to one, leave out the foundation, concealer, and possibly blushes and just keep the tinted moisturizer. You re on vacation; you shouldn’t be that concerned with how you look rather than trying to explore and relax as much as you can. Safe travels.

Here is what you should consider.

Mascara: I say splurge and get a brand new mascara
Eyeline: Either pencil, gel, pen or waterproof, or one of each if you have room
Eyebrow Pencil: If there’s one thing besides mascara I need, it’s my brow pencil
Concealer: Another must
Tinted Moisturizer: Preferably with an SPF, especially if your daily moisturizer doesn’t have one
Foundation: Liquid, powder, stick, compact – you choose, depending on your preference
Foundation Primer: Necessary if you will be out and about and like your makeup longer lasting
Powder: Perhaps it’s best to go with pressed, so you can easily touch up throughout day
Eye Shadow Palettes: Bring one or two, for the sake of variety
Lip Color: Bring three options — lipstick, lip gloss, chubby lip pencils
Bronzer: So you can contour, glow and more
Blush: One or two — max
Eyelash Curler: For obvious reasons
Tweezers/Safety Scissor: For strays and pluckables
Blush Brush: Tools are as important as product
Bronzer/Powder Brush: See above
Eye Shadow Brush: For those palettes
Beauty Blender: For great skin

Samantha Lennon, Makeup Consultant & Artist
“Your Makeup Artist”

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