Trish McEvoy Enters the HSN Makeup Arena

I’ve been a huge fan of Trish McEvoy makeup for eons. My first “brush” with greatness was investing in one of her great brushes, and while my collection has grown over the years, I still have that first one and it’s as good as the day I bought it. Her super high quality tools are the benchmark by which I judge all others. But she’s certainly no one hit wonder and has an impressive array of items in her makeup collection that you can’t live without; and the smarty-pants at HSN are bringing them to you in exclusive sizes, colors and clever kits.

One of Trish McEvoy’s iconic products is her Effortless Beauty Makeup Planner. My first one traveled to three continents with me. Now ready for a new one, HSN has created one in an exclusive yummy shade of raspberry. Not enough space here to list all the items, but some include her incredible gel eyeliner pencil, refillable Double Decker compact, foundation, finishing powder, bronzer, mascara, eye shadow and more. It’s roomy enough to add additional products and customize.

As terrific as the Trish McEvoy products are, one of the things that really set them apart is the way she educates on how to use them. She’s truly dedicated to the power of makeup, yet her look is a natural, classy and classic one. Previously, you’d have to go to one of her counters in a department store where her team could show you application tricks you never imagined. But now, with her debut on HSN, you can watch Trish herself give you some tips that’ll rock your beauty world. I recently met up with her at the HSN office and she showed me how her Triangle of Light – a simple, yet highly effective two product set – brightened up my whole face. It’s now
a regular part of my makeup routine.

Last, but not least, is her latest fragrance. I love that she simply numbers her fragrances (I’m a big fan of No. 3) and the new No. 9 is a sweet mixture of blackberry, vanilla, musk, cashmere woods and white rose. After my husband smelled it on me, I thought Love Potion No. 9 might be a better moniker.

Trish will be on HSN TV on August 29th and 30th. Be sure to tune in get some of her amazing beauty tips and watch her demonstrate how easy it is to take your makeup from so-so to fabulous with very easy to do tricks. If you happen to miss the shows on those dates, you can go to where you’ll be able to watch videos and order the products from the website…..if any are left!

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