Valentine’s Day Features to Focus On!

Let’s not waste time. In the interest of saving time, since we all need more of it, I’ve compiled a product list for key body parts on Valentine’s Day, whether you share it with someone or just show some love to yourself. Mwah! Love ya, mean it, ladies.

Cheeks: Since you’ll plan to have flushed cheeks from all that making out or lash fluttering, you don’t need to OD on blush to give you a natural flush. Rock Korres Cheek Butter in Philia Rose is a dusty shade and a creamy formula so it’s grail of the holy sort. Dab with your pointer + middle finger, onto the cheeks, blend out and you’re done. Plus, its named after “LOVE!” It’s perf for this holiday.

Nails: To paint or to wrap? That is the billion dollar V Day Q! NCLA offers two viable choices, with their ltd. ed. nail wraps for Valentine’s Day, which are adorbs and easier to apply than mascara. Don’t Break My Candy Hearts are just that. Forget the sugary candies and let your nails do the talking. Nails that talk? That are sassy? That are instruments of flirting? Just wave your pointer finger at that boy at the bar and when he saunters on over to buy you a champagne cocktail, flash that digit. I want to wear these 24/7/365, not just 2/14/14. They are supa dupa easy to apply. I also crush hard on Sealed With a Kiss, pictured above.

If you are not a nail art kinda gal, well, okay, then! Our just mentioned pals at NCLA, those Los Angeles-based nail innovators, also offer up He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, a candy apple scarlet with glitter and the Heart Attack top coat, which is loaded with large pink and red hearts. I can’t even. Seriously. You can wear them together or a la carte. Does someone over at NCLA want to marry me? Because it seems that might be the case with the creation of these products.

Décolletage: Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder is for the face and body, but I suggest dusting this powder on décolleté and cleavage for a champagne glow BEFORE you break out the bubbly. Buh-bye, chalky and blah winter skin.

Shoulders: Moroccanoil Shimmering Body Oil also means buh-bye to that which is dull. Hello, shimmer! He won’t be able to keep his hands off your touchable, lightly-fragranced, radiant skin. Your gal pals will ask what you used, too. Massage a few drops on your shoulders after moisturizing, in a circular motion. Follow the directions, since you want this to work, right?

What to Give Your Single Lady GFs: See what I just did? Snuck a gift that’s not chocolates or flowers in! Glossybox is one of our lurves. Items come packaged in a pink keepsake box (store letters, notes and more). Join and get six luxe products a month. Your heart will flutter on a monthly basis for just $25. You’re bound to find something each month that you eventually incorporate into your regime. A recent box included the egg-shaped Beauty Blender sponge I swear by and use to apply liquid product. It also comes with cleaner, and a Bellapiere blush and Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream by Vichy, each of which can be applied with Blender.

Mouth: A clean mouth is essential for overall health and for confident kissing! That’s where the CloSYS Complete Oral Health Care System comes in. It’s organic since the formula naturally reacts with saliva. The Antiseptic Rinse doesn’t burn and comes with a Flavor Control vial so you determine how much peppermint you want to taste. The toothpaste is free of SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) and you’ll lick your teeth due to the freshness. Carry the Oral Spray in your bag in between brushings. My mouth was so sanitized from the products working on concert and I sorta loved the tongue scraper. I felt like I just emerged from a dental cleaning. Mwah!

Body: The Body Shop’s beloved Body Butter in limited edition Blueberry scent is perfect for slathering on just-out-of-the-shower skin. It leave you lightly scented with a blueberries and cream fragrance. Soft and sweetly smelling… let him get close.

Hair: Good smelling, soft hair is an essential, especially if your beloved is nuzzling with you. Serge Normant’s Must Haves Meta Revive Dry Conditioner is a perfect pick me up for your hair and it smells UH-MAZING! It’s slightly musky but delicate and the Argan Oil formula extends touchability between blowouts. Since my hair is super straight and glossy –I know, #GoodHairProblems– I have been using Moroccanoil Treatment Light. A dime-sized drop keeps my locks lustrous without seeming like I washed it in conditioner.

Lips: No need to pull a Gwen Stefani with crimson red. A hot pink matte is just as hawt. Kevyn Aucoin’s The Matte Lip Color in Forever lasts as long as that and is velvet-meets-velour smooth. The formula is very rich and not for the shy or faint of heart.

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