Valentine’s Day Quick Guide: Seriously, These Items Are All You Need for Date Night or a GNO!

Whatever you are doing for Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter. I don’t care. Date night? Girls’ Night Out? Ignoring the Hallmark holiday? Those are all perfectly valid options. So do it up.

But if you are doing something social, well, you don’t need to go nuts choosing the right red lipstick that won’t kiss off on your beloved’s lips or the perfect crimson manicure to show your femme fatale side. Zzzz. That’s cosmetic Ambien. Really, it is.

All you need is love and to consult this quick guide. You’re busy. I’m busy. Let’s just… do this.

Flip the Mani Script:

Ditch the boring, expected and downright cliché red-nails-on-Valentine’s-Day trick. Flip the mani and pedi script with some femme neutrals. The shades in Deborah Lippmann’s Whisper Collection are softer than baby’s skin. Ahhh!

Chantilly Lace (sparkly shell pink), Misty Morning (a hushed, almost milky gray), A Fine Romance (a milky pink) and Like Dreamers Do (delicate nude) let you sidestep the chips and IMO, a clean, streamlined mani is anything but boring. #ChipsSuck.

Bring SexyBack:

If you must go deep, bold or bright on Val Day, smeared lips from kissing be damned, well, Deborah Lippman also has an offering for that in the SexyBack Lip and Nail Duet. It’s a perfectly paired fierce fuchsia nail lacquer and lipstick, both called SexyBack. If “Don’t be shy’ is your motto, you’ve met your lip ‘n’ nail Holy Grail, without going red like everyone else.

Be Your Own Damn Makeup Artist:

em Michelle Phan’s Shade Play Lip Color Mixing Palette in Mix It Up Reds lets you become your own makeup artist since you can customize your lip look by mixing shades. For those with experimental rebel hearts, this is a product that’ll have you doing the seal clap. It’s a truly a lip shade to call your own. The kit has seven circles, six filled with different colors and textures, and one is empty, so you use it as your mixing cup. Or you can just apply direct to lips and built and create from there. I am almost less interested in the end result than I am in the process. Who doesn’t love to play?! While I don’t love red lips, this lets me play without commitment, taking things up or down. So when someone asks, “What color is that on your lips?,” you can answer “Mine” and you won’t be lying!

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