We’re Having a Heat Wave! This summers’ Must Haves in Tropical Tones…


If you are like me, you are enjoying the sticky, sweltering summer heat of New York City from your rooftop. If you are lucky enough to be far away on a sandy beach, sipping some deliciously fruity concoction, watching the sunset through the palm trees; I do envy you. But, lo and behold, I have discovered a little piece of the tropics here in the Big Apple. Now is the perfect time to inject some bright, unexpected color into your cosmetic wardrobe. A vivid wash of teal mascara, or perhaps lemon yellow eyelids? Even icy blue (yes blue) lip gloss. It can work; it just takes a few tips, and a little know how.

A Quick How To…It’s as Easy as One, Two, Three!
First rule of thumb: pick one color, and one feature to emphasize. If you wrap half the rainbow around your eyes, you may end up on a box of Fruit Loops. Look for the sheer color formulas to avoid overkill. Benefit Cosmetics launched the Shangri-La collection; a trio of sheer colors in violet, orange or hot pink, for lips, cheeks and eyes.

Shu Uemura Pressed Eye Shadow in Lotus, is a delicately shimmering rose eye shadow. It looks best as a soft glow around the eye. Use your favorite eyeliner brush to “fuzz” the color into your lash line, and blend. The Shu Uemura spring collection also features an electric yellow shadow called Papaya, and a smoky teal shade named Palm. Use each color separately and sparingly. They also introduced Sweet Lip Glosses, sheer, fruit scented confections like Mandarin Orange, Pear and Rosemary, best served chilled over ice.

Number Two: Powder blush can look drab on summery skin. Try one of the many blush alternatives to keep skin looking fresh and dewy.

Too Faced Cosmetics launched a gel blush stick called Blush Bouquet. They’re four floral scented, perfectly pigmented cheek colors that melt into the skin. Choose from Rose Petal, (rosy red) Freesia Mist, (pinky peach) Tuberose Crush, (petal pink) or Hibiscus Breeze (deep berry). What could be more delicious than that?

If you desire something unscented and more pigmented, try a cheek stain. LORAC Cosmetics makes SHEER WASH, it’s a roll-on cheek and lip stain. The shades range from rose to bronze. The shade SHEER EMOTION is a very sexy “post beach” mahogany flush. Who says you weren’t in Ibiza?

Number Three: To balance the rest of your look, keep other features harmonized and neutral. If your eyes are glowing sea green or turquoise, keep the rest of the face neutral with a light cheek color and sheer lip gloss.

Lancôme has a wonderful selection of Lip Glosses called Juicy Tubes. The newest edition to the line is Juicy Tubes POP. When applied to lips they produce a cooling effect. They’ve got a shade of blue, called Icy Pop that turns lips taupey lavender. Delicious!

Whether you select lavender, fuchsia, mint, or banana, for the eyes, choose either warm tones (peaches or bronze) or cool tones (pinks or berries) to harmonize cheeks and lips. For example, bright eyes, with a soft pink blush, and pale pink lip gloss. Or neutral eyes, with stained bronze cheeks, and nude lip gloss. Bottom line- keep the cheek and lip coordinated, that way the features don’t fight each other.

Now, you are ready for the tropics; whether it’s East Hampton, Miami, or “Tar Beach.” Now where is that Good Humor Man when you need him? I need a Popsicle.

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