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April showers bring May flowers. That’s not the only thing that many of us have to look forward to when May rolls around. May happens to be the most popular month for weddings. A backdrop of sunshine, blue skies, birds chirping and a rainbow of flowers will make any brides’ wedding day perfect. Ok, we all know that’s not all you need to have a perfect wedding day. The blushing bride has to look perfect as all eyes are on her. Who wants to look back on their wedding photos, years from now, and see shiny skin or that dreaded blemish? There is so much pressure on what should be the happiest day of your life! Fear no more.

I had the pleasure of interviewing renowned makeup artist Laura Geller. Laura’s philosophy is that “makeup should be foolproof.” Passionate about makeup since the age of 12, Laura went from beauty school, to Broadway, to the small screen, making up the faces of rising stars and celebrities. With all her knowledge and expertise, Laura decided to open her own studio in 1993, so she could teach women the “how-to of cosmetics and hands-on techniques to master it”. After the dust settled, Laura created her own makeup line (all hypo-allergenic, cruelty and fragrance free) which she uses today in her wedding services to draw out the inner beauty, and enhance the outer beauty, of all the brides that she works with. Laura clued me in on what every bride should know, and have, on her that most important day.

It’s all in the foundation. Well so to speak, Laura told me. Just like you wouldn’t want to build a house without a foundation, you don’t want to apply your makeup without a good primer. Primer is a great tool that evens out the “canvas” before foundation is applied. Laura has developed an amazing primer appropriately called Spackle. Spackle retexturizes the surface of your skin so a bride is able to achieve a flawless, smooth and soft finish. Laura recommends applying your favorite moisturizer, a thin layer of Spackle and then foundation. You’re now ready for your close-up.

Next step is choosing the right foundation. According to Laura, brides want to choose a base that is matte, but not dry matte. Dry matte will leave your face looking cakey. It is also recommended that brides stay away from foundations that are too creamy. The creamy foundations tend to disappear quickly and make your complexion dewy and shiny. I suppose when they say a bride should be glowing on her wedding day they didn’t mean literally. Laura told me about a new foundation she recently developed called Phenomenal Foundation. Phenomenal Foundation has film formers that allow the foundation to stay on the skin for up to 24 hours! Because it’s completely oil free, the foundation dries to a powdery finish.

Laura also has a great recommendation for playing up your eyes. While most of us are used to the traditional white liner to line the inside of your eyes, Laura shared with me her secret. Using a nude or beige liner on the inside of your eyes makes them stand out more, and can counteract redness if you happen to have your wedding outside and are prone to allergies. The best part is that the liner can double as a concealer for quick touch-ups throughout your reception!

A big proponent color, Laura recommends that you forget about neutrals on your wedding day. She doesn’t believe that the color of your eyes should dictate the color of eye shadow that you wear. Her rule of thumb is to wear colors that define your lifestyle and look. “Wear what you love,” she says. She also mentioned that if you’re going to wear liner, you should use a liner that’s an contrasting color against your eye so your eyes really pop out, especially in photographs.

To get that blushing bride look, a soft flush or color on your cheeks, Laura recommends that brides wear blush in hues of pink and rose. These are universal colors that any bride can wear. Make sure you lightly brush on the apples of your cheeks to get an angelic look. Laura’s rule is that brides should wear a powder blush as opposed to cream because cream doesn’t give you that sculpted effect and tends to fade more quickly.

In order for our brides to enjoy their day, one of the biggest tips that Laura offered is to appoint one a friend or relative to be responsible for holding your lipstick, powder and other essentials, and making sure your makeup is well applied.

I asked Laura to share her favorite products and what every bride must have on her wedding day. Listen up brides because these are the American Express of beauty products- don’t leave home without them on your wedding day! Although Laura doesn’t normally recommend waterproof mascara, on that special day when you’re bound to shed a few tears, it’s a must. Maybelline Waterproof Mascara is a must. It was our mom’s favorite and it’s made a huge comeback. Just make sure you buy a new tube so there is no chance of clumping! In order to combat shine, Laura’s Matte Maker Invisible Oil Blotting Powder works the best. This product is a necessity especially for those of you having an outside wedding. Matte Maker is translucent so it doesn’t add color to your face; it merely absorbs oil. To keep your pout perfect all day long wearing lipstick and lip sealer are your best bet. Laura suggests steering away from glosses which can look goopy and run. For added staying power, lightly dust loose powder over your lips. And finally, any bride should have a stick concealer for emergency touch ups. Laura’s Caulk Concealer fills in lines while covering imperfections. Caulk comes with a built in sponge for easy blending and is compact enough to carry anywhere.

With over 25 years of experience and 5,000 weddings under her belt, Laura knows what it takes to make every bride look her best on her wedding day. All of Laura’s products can be purchased at and You can also visit her studio on 1044 Lexington Avenue (between 74th and 75th), and speak to one of her event coordinators to schedule makeup for your big day. So stop stressing and let Laura Geller’s expertise make you look and feel amazing for the happiest day of your life.

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