Younique Moodstruck Precision Liquid Eyeliner

I will never, ever tire of trying new iterations of liquid eyeliner — especially pens with unusual tips! (I’m talking to YOU, Half Magic Flick Eyeliner!) Now, there’s Younique MOODSTRUCK PRECISION Liquid Eyeliner, which eschews the pointed, long and often-flexible felt tip in favor of a fixed, angled applicator that allows you to get all sorts of calligraphic with your wing. But be forewarned — when you can uncap the pen, the tip will look quite intimidating, since it’s strong and sharp. But that’s exactly what gives you the most control over your wing when applying it. This slanted tip allows you to be as experimental as you want to be with your flick — you can go thick and bold and architectural. Or you can keep it close to the lashline with a simple cat eye look! It’s an inky, true, matte black that will last until you soak a cotton pad with your preferred micellar water eye makeup remover. It’s that smudge-proof.


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