Your Hands and Feet Never Looked So Good:
Summer Nail Care & Trends


It’s summer time in the Big Apple and with summer comes some additional pampering along with rest and relaxation. Whether it is getting that base tan before you hit the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore, deep conditioning your hair to fight the sun, salt water and sand, or hitting up that last minute Pilates class for a little last minute toning – the summer is a time to treat your body to a little extra beauty TLC.

One particular area I struggle with the most and especially in the summer is my nails. My nails tend to be brittle and short to begin with and manicures usually only last me a few days before I start getting chips. Add the beach, sun, sand, chlorine from swimming and more; why even bother getting a manicure or pedicure? But, just as there are treatments and ways to beat the heat when it comes to your hair and skin, there are also ways to combat the summer woes in nail care.

My biggest concern is having a manicure or pedicure that chips instantly. You spend the money and before you know it, you’re looking to see if you can find a color similar to do a quick touch up. I tried the CND Shellac manicure which lasts for 14 days. I was hesitant, because I had previously tried other more “permanent” manicures that left my nails unhealthy after being removed, but the CND Shellac goes on just like a regular manicure with no resurfacing needed on your natural nail. The polish dries under a UV lamp and there is also no harm when removing the polish either. And, the best part – no chips and no dry time (because how many times have we ruined our nails before even stepping foot out of a salon). Immediately after the manicure, I took it for a test: washing dishes, cleaning around the house and not a scratch or chip anywhere. It is available in a variety shades which includes everything from light sheer colors to bright summer hues. Check the CND website to find a salon near you that provides the Shellac Manicure/Pedicure, The average price ranges from about $30 – $45 for a manicure.

Just as prepping our skin before we apply makeup is equally if not more important, so is prepping our hands and feet for our manis and pedis. Manicure|Pedicure by OPI is a great line of products to treat your hands and feet to a treatment that you can get in a salon. The line includes a mask which hydrates skin with shea butter and citrus extracts that revitalizes and softens skin; a scrub that reduces calluses and dry skin formulated with natural sugar; and massage which is a non-greasy, lightweight moisturizer. All are available in a variety of different therapeutic scents from Tropical Citrus to Royal Verbena, but a great scent for the summer is the Lemon Citrus. I thought this scent might be a little strong on the citrus scent, but it embodies a much more sweet and sugary lemon flavor with yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit), hints of vanilla, ginger and white tea essences, along with a unique blend of botanical fruit extracts. The Manicure|Pedicure by OPI is available at professional salons, ULTA and JCPenny or check out

And while it is the summer, and it is a natural excuse for more cocktail parties and summer soirees, why not add a little flare to the nails? The latest trend is nail color is the cracked overlay look, made popular by OPI’s Shatter polishes. What I love about this concept is that it allows you to try colors that you normally wouldn’t think to try – such as a bright coral with a black cracked overlay and also allows you to mix and match different color combinations. It adds a little edge and a little fierceness to the traditional manicure or pedicure. China Glaze has a collection called Crackle that achieves this effect in a variety of colors. Just apply one coat of your favorite polish color and then apply the China Glaze Crackle as another coat to achieve the cracked style. New to the collection is the Crackle Glaze Metals collection, which adds more of a metallic, rock-star look. The Crackle Glaze Metals collection is available in six different shades from light lavender to shimmering silver. China Glaze also offers the Crackle collection in non-metallic colors and is available at professional salons and professional beauty stores – visit

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