Money changes everything, and it's the main item of focus for Aries this month. Walking a thin line of too much or not enough is the issue at hand, and how to make the best of both situations isn't simple. At least making your mark makeup-wise can be easier and less expensive when you take a "tip" from Yves Saint Laurent and their Eyeliner Moire ( Supplying shimmering reflections with a firm but flexible brush, these liquid liners are precise in providing beautifully bold and long-lasting lines that give your eyes a lavish look worth their weight in gold.

A partnership of some importance takes even more precedence in November, Taurus. Make sure you are seeing it with clarity to understand the truth of its value to you. To get a good vantage point, you shouldn't have to squint. But if lines have formed as fate may dictate, "doctor these small details with a prescription easily found and filled. Dr. Brandt's Lineless Eye Cream ( is the cure! This hydrating formula includes ingredients such as green tea, grapeseed extract, vitamins A and C, and chamomile. It reduces puffiness, dark circles, and other typical signs of aging.

Time is of the essence this month, Gemini---don't spread yourself too thin. Nailing down all of what's expected of you will set you off in the right direction. Having a hold on any commitments can keep you in check as well. Speaking of the need to hold on, since your hands will have no moment to remain idle you might want to condition them for the tasks you're taking on. Dior Apricot Creme for Nails ( can help you do just that. This specialized cream nourishes and promotes nail growth, while enhancing nail resistance and softening cuticles.

Romance and creativity in November may make Cancers want to strip off their shells and celebrate! Intimacy and inspiration is what it's all about for those born under this sign. To make the most of this alignment, the burden of excessive clothes isn't necessary---nor is the need for makeup that makes a bold move. Let your natural beauty run free, and shed your skin of superfluous sparkle-infused shadows. Bobbi Brown's Nude on Nude Eye Palette ( can help your flesh become part of this fantasy with neutral colors that can make you a knockout the way nature intended.

Lions will overcome their cowardice this month when comes it to matters of the heart. Leos luck in love is changing for the better. The fantastic feelings of falling head first will have you reliving your youth while appreciating present-day perfection. And turning back the hands of time is also possible when it comes to your skin. Kiehl's Abyssine Cream ( deters age with its formulation of survival molecules. It's made with naturally derived ingredients that reduce the effects of aging and shield skin from external damage. The result is radiance and a younger-than-your-years glow.

Craving some contact Virgos? November will provide you with a most excellent time to reach out and touch someone. Your sensual energy is at an all-time high now, so make the most of it! If you plan on enjoying a little skin-to-skin, here's a quick tip on how to make your body its best in no time - Chantecaille's Retinol Body Treatment ( This miracle maker enhances collagen growth and healthy cell turnover. It repairs and maintains skin metabolism while also providing moisturizing benefits. It leaves skin feeling super silky and super smooth.

Lead and don't follow anyone this month, Libra. It's your time to take on the role you were meant for. Rally the troops and forge ahead since people will be more than willing to listen to what you have to say. And since they'll be hanging your every word, you might as well get your smile in shape for the success. Clinique's Superbalm Lip Treatment ( is all you'll need. This hydrating balm repairs distressed lips and replenishes moisture loss, a combination that'd be hard to beat.

Heads up, Scorpio! Your birthday month is bound to be fabulous---as long as you keep your jealous nature in check. Provoking disagreements of any sort will come back to haunt you more than any Halloween mischief could conjure up. So what's the best way to quell your inner aggression? How about some good clean fun with Agent Provocateur HANKY PANKY? A most excellent item for the bath or boudoir, these scented pink tissues by A Beautiful Life ( are desirably delicate and housed in a divinely dark and decorative black box.

Building your own fortress of solitude will help make Sagittarians even more super this November. Progress and profit on many forefronts can come your way if you strip away your everyday surroundings to get in tune with your innermost abilities. Removing internal impurities isn't easy--but externally it can be breeze with a little help from Laura Mercier. Her One-Step Cleanser ( is a great way to begin. It moisturizes skin as it removes makeup and readjusts your pH balance. It offers vitamin E, antioxidant protection and also includes witch hazel as a great skin toning ingredient.

A total eclipse of the heart is in store for those curious Capricorns looking for Cupid. The moon is being overcome in your romantic sector, and that means it serves as a sexy release for deep feelings and favorite fantasies. Take the initiative---and indulge! One way to work this mojo is to find a scent that suites you sensually, and Zents Fig Concreta at SpaLook ( will do just the trick as your treat. The highly fragrant perfume balm is a warm and spicy blend that invigorates the senses and soothes the soul. It comes in a unique solid stone cube that is hand-poured to perfection.

Social butterflies will take flight for those of the water-bearing sign this month. Entertaining energy takes center stage, so Aquarians would do well to look their beautiful best. Even if you don't feel---fake it. Trust me, you be glad you did. And blazing your trail can be synch with Smashbox's Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion ( Lighting makes the look, and this subtle shimmer of artificiality helps diffuse any bad kind of brightness by concealing wrinkles and imperfections. It can be combined with foundation or applied all alone.

Business opportunities will be presented to Pisces in November, so get ready to seize the day---or the deal! Making sure you know what you want is the best way to begin, and staying focused to face the challenges head on will help you prevail. Any Sybil-esque inklings you have must be managed carefully. Remove them from your mind. And perhaps over to your makeup? Too Faced Fat Kiss ( can serve multiple personalities for your pleasure, and your pout. It adds volume and sheer shine to your smack with a combination of essential oils and ingredients.
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