Animated and astute ARIES is always on the move, in charge, and in touch - nothing slows her down, breaks her stride, or stands in her way! This includes winter necessities like gloves. She demands a pair that's smart and cute; one that won't cramp her style, or her moves. Enter Freehands, the gloves with ingenious (patent pending, natch!) details like exposable thumb and index fingertips. A quick flick sets digits free to text, email, game, or call to heart's content; magnets keep the fingertip "caps" out of the way while fingers are busy walkin' and talkin'. Gloves that won't come between you and your phone, while letting you keep in touch and keep warm? Point taken! Collection includes Knits, Cashmere, Ragg Wool, Microfur, Waterproof Ski Gloves and a new Eco-friendly 100% Recycled Fleece style made from post-consumer waste plastic bottles. Let Your Fingers Fly Free at B&H Photo Video, 420 Ninth Avenue, and at

THERE'S ALSO ROOM FOR: FLIRT! Limited Edition Eyeshadow Quad Palettes. Select from Flowerific Quad, a dazzling set of golds and bronzes; or Flirtatious! Quad, with all you need for a perfect, smoked-out Plum look. Or, get both and decide which to give (and which to keep) later. Flirt Alert: Find Flirt! Holiday Collection exclusively at Kohl's stores and at

And why not throw in: Allure, a new edition of Diana Vreeland's 1980's classic (with Christopher Hemphill), now back in print with a foreword from Marc Jacobs. Features photography by Man Ray, Cecil Beaton, Richard Avedon; subjects include Maria Callas, Gertrude Stein, Marilyn Monroe, Martha Graham, and Penelope Tree, among others. Order Allure online at

Sensibly sane Taurus desires stability and security; a dash of style and sass sweeten the deal. She can find all that (and perhaps more) in new Pajama Jeans. To the outside world, Pajama Jeans look like dark-rinse, boot-cut denim, complete with brass rivets, contrast-stitching and zipper-fly. Closer inspection, however, reveals the true story: inside their stylish facade, Pajama Jeans are (AS?) soft and cozy as a baby's blanket! They'll never leave you breathless or sucking in your gut, because they're made of DormiSoft, a patented cotton-spandex blend that's comfy and stretchy, yet hip-hugging. And that zipper-fly? It's a mock fly; an imposter, a denim illusion - after all, you pull these jeans right on. It's comfort cleverly disguised, and in plain sight. Relive the heady days of college campus life, when dressing up for early morning class meant rolling out of bed and adding some shoes. Pajama Jeans are perfect for errands, shopping, lounging, living - they may very well become your favorite "jeans"- or at least your favorite "dress up sweats." Begin your Pajama Jeans Party at

THERE'S ALSO ROOM FOR: Popcorn - when it's Popcorn, Indiana, that is. This all-natural, whole grain snack is sure to satisfy, with flavors that span the spectrum from salty to sweet, to spicy, and back - sometimes all at once. It's a tried-and-true comfort snack that keeps you coming back"¦with a delicious twist. Why not include Bacon Ranch, Sweet & Tangy BBQ, Buffalo Cheddar, or Cinnamon Sugar? Chocoholic? Consider the Black & White Drizzled Kettlecorn. Heck, it's the holidays - give - or collect them ALL!

Pop Goes the World at select Whole Foods, CVS, and Bed Bath & Beyond (please call ahead for availability), or at

Idea for Taurus: Favorite DVD + Favorite Flavor Popcorn Indiana + Pajama Jeans + Your Fave Tee = Comfy, Cozy, Yummy Movie Night @ Home

Gemini, you're a gem of journeyer; one who understands the trip IS the destination, and life is the adventure. Excitement is your middle name; boredom is never an option, and YOU are your own best playmate. Vow to keep your dates delightful, your pleasure plentiful, and your vibes good-to-amazing with the OhMiBod Freestyle, the world's first Wireless Music-Driven Massager. OhMiBod vibrates to the beat and rhythm of your iPod, mp3 player, or home speaker system (or not: there's also a manual option). It's also rechargeable and splash-proof, with a velvety finish and chrome accents.

So go on: Light your fire, have a bad romance, be your own womanizer. The options are endless; the thrill boundless; the discovery, yours.

Say OMG to OMiBod at Babeland, NYC or visit

THERE'S ALSO ROOM FOR*: Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant The bestseller that captured a generation through the expression of graffiti is re-released in a large, deluxe format that perfectly captures the visual impact of the restless images within. Includes seventy additional photos and a new introduction. New York, New York!

*This is a large book; get a big stocking!

Order Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant at

Caring Cancer has a sensitive, maternal nature, and holds huge heart for home. She'll love mothering herself with layers of Cuddl Duds Activewear, pieces that feel like soft cotton and offer Spandex for stretch factor. Tops feature extra long cuffs with thumbholes, for extra warmth and "stay-put" factor. Choose from always-right black, or add warmth plus a hot spot of color with a layer of hot pink, eggplant, apple, or teal.

Cuddle up to Cuddl Duds at Macy's and at

Why not include: Gnu Flavor & Fiber Bars? The mother-er in Cancer gets her fiber daily ("Eat it, it's good for you!"). The tastiest way? Gnu Flavor & Fiber Bars. Each of the seven delicious baked varieties offers nearly 50% of the Daily Recommended Value of Fiber (that's about twelve grams). Gnu bars are made with six whole grains and are fruit juice-sweetened, with only about 130 calories a bar. Best yet, their fiber keeps you full between meals, which can help with overall weight control. Try Cinnamon Raisin (reminiscent of oatmeal raisin cookie dough), Banana Walnut, Lemon Ginger, and Espresso Chip - or just get the variety pack and, as they say, "Join the Movement!"

Find retailers or purchase bars at, or call 1-877-703-1085.

Lovely and luminous Leo luxuriates in the royal treatment. She gets it from Clarins Rouge Prodige True Hold Colour and Shine Lipstick in Fusion Red. This new silky, creamy longwear sensation has a true hold on lips, with bold color impact that delivers and lasts. Best yet, it wears comfortably and flexibly, with sheen; it won't dry lips like those long-last formulas from days of yore (ahem, last year). Housed in an elegant golden tube, Clarins Rouge Prodige Lipstick offers classic, feminine luxury and holiday glamour that's sure to separate the girls from the women. How lovely!

Find the Clarins Rouge Prodige Collection, including True Hold Colour and Shine Lipstick, at Clarins counters nationwide and at

Leo believes every party needs a strong start, and even the elixirs deserve a grand opening. She shines a blue light on the situation with Wine Enthusiast's Stainless Steel Electric Blue Corkscrew. A simple press of a button pulls the cork from the bottle and releases it, while the glow of a cool blue light illuminates the situation and entertains the crowd. Bonus: When the guests are gone, the blue light shines on in its recharging stand, doing double duty as a stylish nightlight.

Purchase at

Hey, there's still room for SkyBar Wine Chill Drops. Why would a Leo ever settle for an ordinary ice cube when she could send extra shivers down her guests' spines with SkyBar Wine Chill Drops? Freeze these shining "drops" six hours prior to use, and enjoy a near-instant cool in your beverage. Chills wine twenty times faster than the fridge! Also great for most champagne, spirits, and beer.

Find your SkyBar cool at Sur La Table and at

Virtuous Virgo is vigilant about perfection. Her teeth should shine and sparkle, so that her smile may dazzle. For her, there's the Supersmile Holiday Gift Set, complete with Professional Series II LS45: Advanced Sonic Toothbrush (with patented 45 degree angled bristles, Quad timer, and three brush modes) plus a three-month supply of Supersmile Professional Whitening System. Used together, this set will whiten without harsh abrasives, while helping prevent harmful bacteria, plaque, and gingivitis.

Supersmile is available at Bergdorf Goodman and online at

There's still (just a little) room left for: Remington Signature Tools Mini Series Curling Iron, for go-anywhere curl perfection that heats up in sixty seconds, and for Tweezerman's Brow Beauty Bubble, a candy-cane glittered mini Slant Tweezer and magnifying compact 10x mirror - both are great for on-the-go grooming (as well as for "perfectionistas").

Remington Mini Curling Iron available exclusively at Walmart and at

Find Tweezerman at Sephora.

Libra establishes harmony and good relations wherever she may go. Support her efforts by gifting her with Chill Pill Mobile Speakers: cute, compact, and self-contained, the tiny "capsule" transforms into two little speakers - with big sound. Perfect for laptops (use while charging), camping trips, travel, etc.

Chill for a minute at, where you can order Chill Pill Mobile Speakers direct. Or, call 800.511.MACS.

Impressive Addition: Libra rightly rocks her pink Pioneer Headphones EQ SE-MJ21-HP (aka, "On-Ear DJ-inspired Headphones") when she's dashing about the city or running on the treadmill. They keep external noise out, and keep the music in (and do so comfortably, with soft, cushioned ear pads). Crystal clear highs and deep, pounding lows are hers, courtesy of professionally-inspired Pioneer sound tuning; a lightweight and compact folding design means she'll never be far from hearing her music, her way. (Yes, they work with the current iPod/iPhone; no, they won't fall from ears like those little white buds often do).

Head to the web: Pioneer headphones EQ SE-MJ21-HP are available exclusively at

Scorpio may not have started the fire, but she sure knows how to keep it going: with style. For her, only the sleek Zippo Candle Lighter will do. The latest and greatest Zippo boasts a sleek, ergonomic design, adjustable flame dial, a patented child safety button, and a lifetime guarantee. Available in seven chic styles, including Asian Floral, Snowflake, and Cheetah; solid colors are also available.

See the complete line, and purchase the Zippo Candle Lighter at

There's still room for: Secrets of Gorgeous: Hundreds of Ways to Live Well While Living It Up by dietician and certified nutrition specialist Esther Blum. It's a compact compendium of over 200 easy, food-focused, get-gorgeously-healthy quick tips for our girls-on-the-go, like Scorpio. (Pssst: Check out page 15 for a sweet tip on a natural exfoliant that's likely in the pantry already; see page 102 for some timely tips on remedying those holiday party hangovers.)

Order Secrets of Gorgeous online at

Since mysterious Scorpio lets no one in on her dirty little secrets, she'll love Santa Poo Poo-Pourri, a patent-pending formula of essential oils that remove odoriferous evidence of embarrassing personal bathroom "business." Unlike other toilet deodorizers, Poo-Pourri is sprayed onto the surface of the toilet water before you go, creating a barrier around the offending matter to neutralize odor before it hits the air. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, including travel atomizers and a Holiday Gift Set, complete with toilet paper.

Santa Poo Poo-Pourri is available at Eve Salon, 55 W. 8th Street, New York 212.807.8054 and at

Sagittarius tends to the push the boundaries, and likes to test the limits. No wonder she takes smoldering, smoky eyes to a new extreme with Cargo's Essential Palette in Smoky Eye. Four perfectly balanced shades and clearly embossed shadow pans (labeled for lid, browbone, etc.) make it easy to ignite great drama - just like the pros.

Visit for a complete list of retail locations.

Daredevil though she may be, Sag wisely protects her trusty iPad wherever she may roam with Hammerhead's Verso Premium Leather Case. It folds horizontally to keep her favorite screen at the perfect angle for reading, typing or watching, and features easy-access to buttons, headphone jack, and connector ports.

Visit or for more Verso.

There's still room for Metromint, a uniquely cool hydration sensation. Metromint is 100% pure water with 100% real mint. It's pure refreshment with a unique twist, and no calories. Try newest flavor goodberrymint or oddly "indulgent" chocolatemint (seriously!) and this year you may skip the candy cane lane altogether.

Find Metromint at natural and specialty stores nationwide, like Whole Foods.

Busier than a bee, Capricorn has a work ethic that puts others to shame; for her, a minute spent idle is a minute forever lost to inefficiency. Capricorn would rather make the most of every second, and fill it with a purpose. Lucky for her there's Freehands Power Stretch 5 Finger Liner, gloves armed with cleverly integrated silicone screen palms and conductive polyamide tips with silver plating on all fingers, to conduct electric energy and allow for iPad use. Go ahead, you overachieving Capricorn iPad ninja girl: break out that favorite app, even when out and about and braving the chill - there's no stopping you now!

Find Freehands at B&H Photo Video, 420 Ninth Avenue, and at

Here's a man who can keep up with our Cap: Jack Black. It's Jack Black's New Jumbo Industrial Strength Hand Healer that soothes our goat's driest, chapped, parched mitts. This rich formula contains vitamins A & E and soothing Eucalyptus, among other natural healing botanicals (White Tea Extract, Pomegranate Extract, etc.) Bonus: it smells like a certain Swiss cough drop that recalls yodeling - in a very delicious way. Spread the word to the girls; this "manly" brand Hand Healer is just too good for the boys to keep to themselves. (Pssst! Maybe also "borrow" one of "his" limited edition Jack Black Lip Balms, blended with essential oils and SPF 25?)

Jack Black products are available at Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus; see for availability.

Aquarius is a natural visionary with a bohemian spirit. She delights in Lulu Organics Patchouli & Amber Hair Powder to maintain her crown on "days of unwash," and depends on Lulu Organics Cardamom Lip Balm to blast her kisser with supple organic, essential oil goodness and fresh, herbal zing. Addictive!

Lulu Organics are stocked at Honey in the Rough, 161 Rivington Street, NYC tel 212.228.6415; see for more retailers

There's still room for Amazon Balm: A girl can never have too much lip balm in the winter, and you've never had one like this before: Piudali Amazon Balm for Lush Lips. Tucked away within this adorable Andean Nogal nut (handpicked by local women-in-need from local Colombian non-profits) is a nourishing, highly effective and moisturizing balm jam-packed with natural Amazon fruit butters, waxes and oils (Macadamia Nut, Tea Tree, Lavender, Oregano, Passion fruit, Cocoa, Thyme, and Wheat Germ are just a few).

For more information, visit To order, visit

Sensitive Pisces needs nothing noxious hiding in her pretty bottles. She'll be thrilled with new Scotch Naturals WaterColors, a premium nail care line devoid not just of the toxic trio (Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene), but also free of toxic industrial-grade solvents like butyl and ethyl acetate, as well as fd&c colors including petrochemical lake and coal tars. Scotch's patented formula is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Oh, and the colors - in adorable square bottles reminiscent of fine scotch - are sophisticated, friendly, and fashion-forward, She'll love "Kiltlifter" red, "Flying Scotsman" navy, and "Hot Toddy" chocolate.

Visit to purchase and learn more.

Our dreamy Pisces is a magical mermaid who feels just-right in her skin when using H2O+ Sea-Derived Skincare. She loves the Oasis Ultimate Hydration Collection; it offers lightweight, instant fresh moisture via Cleansing Water, Hydrating Booster, Face Oasis, Eye Oasis, and Oasis Mist. Fortified with a hydrating seaweed blend and time-released liposome technology, the Oasis collection nourishes continually; cleanly.

Visit the H2O Plus Store on Madison Avenue. The H2O Plus Holiday Gift Sets are available on

There's room left for: Julia Baker Confections Party Girl Chocolates, an 18-piece assortment of decadent, indulgent, melt-in-your-mouth truffles and chocolates. She'll delight in flavors like caramel, coconut, passion fruit, and Irish Creme - because every fish deserves a sweet nibble!

Visit to indulge in Julia Baker Confections.

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