Got to talk the talk this month, Aries, as communication will be the secret to your success. Networking will give you the extra edge you'll need over your competitors. And what's the first thing people notice when they meet you? Your smile! So you better make sure it looks super. Lips that are beaming would be beneficial as well, and that's where Smashbox will come in handy. With Lip Prism (, your pout will be perfected by shiny shades you can wear solo or in spades. Making your mark in style is easy as can be.

The pleasure principle is where it's at for those born under the sign of the bull, as you indulge in anything---and everything!---this dazzling December. By doing things you enjoy, your horizons will broaden and so will your influence on those around you. Choosing what to do first will be your only issue. To avoid any indecision for your lips, streamline your selections with Dior's Sparkling Lip Palette ( This golden metal palette features two silky shades that are rich in color and wonderful to wear.

Watch your socializing this month, Gemini. Though you want to be out and about to enjoy the spirits of the season, be sure to keep finances in check. Get gifts for yourself and others that are already worth their weight in gold. Trish McEvoy Treasures Pretty Collection ( is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, and it goes easy on the wallet as well. The four popular pink lip shades that are housed in a precision compact come pre-wrapped in a ravishing red suede pouch.

Get ready for advancements in your personal and professional lives this December, Cancer. They are going to happen quickly, so be ready to roll. And embracing the same principle will work well with your skin when you use Kevin Aucoin's Sensual Skin Primer ( It was designed to work with his Sensual Skin Enhance and/or any of his other foundations. It's a satiny smooth lotion that helps prepare the skin for your makeup. It minimizes pores and creates an allover base to make cosmetic applications easy and effortless for a fabulously flawless finish.

Love comes for Leo during this special holiday season---a perfect package for the lion-hearted lover is what Santa's delivering. Being bestowed such a blessing is bound to rub off on your beauty, but don't forget some practical matters in maintenance as well. Take your mane, for example. Want an excellent way to tame your tresses? Do a dance with DuWop's Hands to Hair (, a product that does double-duty as an excellent hand cream and a perfect styling partner for hair that needs freedom from frizz.

Entertaining is your focus for holiday fun this month, Virgo. As the center of attention, you'll have many people surrounding you, so you better make sure you're smelling sweet! Alchera all-natural perfumes and soaps ( can help you seal the deal. Their limited-edition soaps---Gold, Frankiense, and Myrth, which were all named after goddesses from around the globe---will bring deliciously divine results straight to your door. Heaven can wait, but there's no reason you have to.

Cruising out of town during this Christmas season may inspire Libras to develop dreamy new plans for the future, and you may be meeting people who can help you turn them into reality today. Make sure to put your best face forward by avoiding breakouts that could burst your bubble. Sonya Dakar's Drying Lotion ( is the perfect way to keep the facial peace. The overnight sensation is the super solution to beating the acne blues. It clears the complexion and keeps you looking lovely much longer.

It's a magical month for Scorpio as 2003 winds down and you prepare to make a fresh start for the new year ahead. And speaking of keeping things fresh, nothing makes these moments more mesmerizing than basking in the beautiful glow of candle light---especially if a sultry scent is supplied as well. With the Vera Wang Fragrance Scented Votive Candles (, you get just that. Illumination becomes a bright spot that will soothe all of your senses.

Close relationships are the focus for those born under the sign of the archer---and your aim will be true for sure this month. Levels of intimacy could get intense, so making effective eye contact will be key. That's where YSL Golden Celebration Eye Shadows ( can assist you in making festivities very merry indeed. Their beautiful colors, which come in a variety of shades and contrasts, will get you ringing in the New Year with a come-hither stare that's sexy and oh so seductive.

Family functions could turn surprisingly fabulous for you this December, Capricorn. So withdraw from your winter weather worries, and get in the game! Relatives will relish helping you realize your romantic goals. Puckering up for some partying is one way to get your groove going. With MAC's Eddie Izzard Lipstick and Lip Gloss (, your lips can experience the luscious luxury you've been longing for all season with some super shine and a beautiful, warming wear.

Make new friends, but keep the old. And why not? Hey, they could both turn out to be gold! Being with your buddies from the past and present takes center stage this season, Aquarius. Tons of hugs will be having their way with you as affection abounds. So it's good to make sure your skin is tender to the touch, and with Chantecaille Scented Body Cream ( your silhouette will bloom quite beautifully since their floral scents are simply sensational and very sensual as well.

Your duties and desires want to face off and destroy each other this month, Pisces. But don't let either swim with the fishes. A happy medium can always be found when the heart and the head learn to work together. The Cle de Peau Beaute Collection Levres- Limited Edition is a product that proves this sentiment true. It features five lip colors and one dewy gloss that satisfy the sensible woman's cravings for color, while satiating her soul with a beautiful heart-shaped compact that's easy to carry and conceal.
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