Adventurous Aries is straightforward and aggressive by nature. Gleaming, healthy hair is as important to her mojo as it was Samson's. That's why she turns to vegan, organic suki® Hair/Scalp Conditioning Oil. Whether she needs deep conditioning, hot oil treatment or intensive scalp treatment, this synthetic-free wonder oil has her covered. Ideal for all hair types, it treats dryness, damage, eczema, dermatitis and dandruff, or use it on perfectly healthy hair and scalp to keep it that way. Find it at Whole Foods stores or

Ram-bling Roses: Jennifer Grey, March 26; Amy Sedaris, March 29; Kristen Stewart, April 9; Alessandra Ambrosio, April 11; Emma Thompson, April 15; Victoria Beckham, April 17; Jennifer Garner, April 17; Kate Hudson, April 19

Taurus loves her luxury! She also loves gadgets and using them to make life as simple as possible. Her ideal portable partner: chicBuds Retractable Earphones with Swarovski Crystals. These high quality earbud headphones (compatible with practically any listening device) not only have a built-in retractor to keep the cord in check, but they\'re blinged-out with candy-colored Swarovski crystals! Girly, techie, eye-catching and 100% awesome. Find a sweet treat for your ears at

Incredi-bulls: Renee Zellweger, April 25; Jessica Alba, April 28; Penelope Cruz, April 28; Uma Thurman, April 29; Christina Hendricks, May 3; Linda Evangelista, May 10; Malin Ackerman, May 12; Cate Blanchett

Gemini is a multi-faceted creature, with many sides to her personality and beauty regimen. Her perfect grooming combination: Tweezerman\'s Reach For The Stars Mini Slant Tweezer and Zip File. Perfectly portable versions of their full-sized counterparts, they are both cute and highly functional. The best part of this duo, though, is that a portion of each purchase goes to the Starlight Foundation to help brighten the lives of children battling chronic and life-threatening illness. Get behind a great cause and snag a perfect beauty combo at

Double Trouble: Pam Grier, May 26; Stevie Nicks, May 26; Alanis Morrisette, June 1; Natalie Portman, June 9; Adriana Lima, June 12; Venus Williams, June 17; Zoe Saldana, June 19; Nicole Kidman, June 20

Sensual Cancer craves comfort, secretly longing to be swept off her feet. In fact, she can often be heard whispering, \"Calgon, Take Me Away!\" Never one to leave a damsel in distress, Calgon presents Luminous Bath Pearls. A star of their Ageless Bath line, Luminous Bath Pearls are \"a breakthrough in the bath tub\". Calgon\'s Vita-Pearl technology uses pearl powder, Vitamin E and collagen to infuse skin with moisture and leave her shimmering and rejuvenated. Luxuriate your way to Walmart, Harmon\'s, Kroger or and treat yourself the whole line!

Crabby Patties: Meryl Streep, June 22; Frances McDormand, June 23; Liv Tyler, July 1; Olivia Munn, July 3; Jane Lynch, July 14; Kristen Bell, July 18; Gisele Bundchen, July 20

Leo has an infectious zest for life that lifts the spirits of those around her. Keeping her own spirits high only takes a quick spritz of Bubalina Grapefruit Body Mist. This cool, feather-light, organic spray is infused with sweet pink grapefruit essential oil to soften her skin and stimulate her senses. As perfect a companion on a hot summer day as she is! Available at or call 800-366-2181.

In Like a Lion: Lynda Carter, July 24; Anna Paquin, July 24; Kate Beckinsale, July 26; Sandra Bullock, July 26; Helen Mirren, July 26; Hillary Swank, July 30; J.K. Rowling, July 31; Charlize Theron, August 7

Virgo is a highly analytical, problem solving dynamo. When she feels something can be bigger and better, her laser focus turns to finding the optimal solution. To safely hydrate and pump up her summer pout, she trusts LipSmart, a luxurious lip treatment moisturizer and volumizer, With regular use, soft, sexy lips are hers thanks to LipSmart\'s combination of deliciously fragrant fruit extracts and naturally powerful actives. Ready for action at

Virgo for It: Cameron Diaz, August 26; Salma Hayek, September 2; Beyonce, September 4; Chrissie Hynde, September 7; Evan Rachel Wood, September 7; Brooke Burke, September 8; Jennifer Hudson, September 12; Amy Poehler, September 16

Easygoing Libra loves luxury, so anything that lets her pamper herself without breaking a sweat is right up her alley. Calgon, take her away! Calgon\'s new Massaging Beauty Bars, available in mesmerizing Hawaiian Ginger, Morning Glory, Tahitian Orchid and English Garden scents, have built-in massaging nubs that relax her body while she cleanses. There\'s no easier way to to de-stress and revitalize! Try all four scents at your local Rite Aid or Walmart, or online at

No Judgments: Catherine Zeta-Jones, September 25; Olivia Newton-John, September 26; Serena Williams, September 26; Julie Andrews, October 1; Susan Sarandon, October 4; Kate Winslet, October 5; Rachel McAdams, October 7; Sigourney Weaver, October 8

Intense, ambitious Scorpio craves control in all areas of her life, right down to how sundrenched her skin looks. She wouldn\'t be caught bronzed without her Luminess Tan at-home airbrush tanning system! Featuring SofTanâ„¢ technology, Luminess Tan is the first at-home airbrush tanning system designed to offer odorless, professional, salon quality results using FDA approved immediate bronzer and tanning actives. Watch the getting started DVD, read the guide, then give yourself an odorless, streak-free light, medium or dark tan in 30 minutes! Available at Ulta stores or

Rock You Like a Hurricane: Julia Roberts, October 28; Winona Ryder, October 29; Jenny McCarthy, November 1; Tilda Swinton, November 5; Emma Stone, November 6; Ellen Pompeo, November 10; Demi Moore, November 11; Jodie Foster, November 19

Sagittarius craves adventure, longing to climb every mountain and ford every stream. If she\'s going to keep her nails perfectly groomed while following every rainbow, she\'ll need Tweezerman\'s new Key Essentials Folding Nail Clipper. Fashionably feminine and sleek, this stainless steel clipper/cleaner/file combo folds flat into its pink leather key ring case. With this must-have tool, her nails will be perfect wherever she roams! You can roam over to an Ulta store or to find yours.

Golden Arches: Christina Applegate, November 25; Tina Turner, November 26; Kathryn Bigelow, November 27; Bette Midler, December 1; Sarah Silverman, December 1; Tyra Banks, December 4; Marisa Tomei, December 4; Taylor Swift, December 13

Capricorn is the ultimate time manager and is always on the lookout for multi-tasking beauty products. Her new must-have: e.l.f. Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. Aloe, cucumber and vitamins A, C and E provide mega hydration while SPF 20 keeps the sun\'s rays from stealing it away again. Combined with the perfect amount of color in seven gorgeous shades, they create a beauty no-brainer! Snap up your perfect shade at

No Flash in the Pan: Stephenie Meyer, December 24; Helena Christensen, December 25; Patricia Clarkson, December 29; Tracey Ullman, December 30; Meredith Vieira, December 30; January Jones, January 5; Pat Benatar, January 10; Kirstie Alley, January 12

Aquarius is fiercely independent and absolutely hates to feel tied down. She does, however, love tying all her things down when it\'s time to hit the road into the great unknown! Her new best friends: Knot Bone Adjustable Bungee Cords by Nite Ize Innovation. Available in three lengths, these bungee cords make strapping things down fun! Just clip each side down, adjust the length and lock the ends. Her shiftables will never shift again. Check out the full line of Nite Ize products at

So Refreshing: Ellen DeGeneres, January 26; Oprah Winfrey, January 29; Kerry Washington, January 31; Shakira, February 2; Elizabeth Banks, February 10; Jennifer Aniston, February 11; Kelly Rowland, February 11; Christina Ricci, February 12

Soft, feminine Pisces can be the ultimate charmer when she\'s feeling on top of her game. To keep herself looking and feeling ageless, she heads straight for First Aid Beauty® (FAB) 5 in 1 Restore Cream Age Delay. Allergy tested and fragrance free, this nourishing cream is packed with age-defying ingredients like Homeostatine® to protect natural collagen, sunflower oil to form a barrier against irritants and FAB\'s own antioxidant booster to smack down those pesky free radicals. Find this and the rest of the FAB products at Sephora stores or

Mermaids: Rihanna, February 20; Ellen Page, February 21; Drew Barrymore, February 22; Chelsea Handler, February 25; Tea Leoni, February 25; Rashida Jones, February 25; Carrie Underwood, March 10; Eva Longoria, March 15
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