Family is an area that takes center stage for Aries in 2004. Maintaining and improving relations will have a positive effect on all aspects of your existence. Fanning the fires of heated topics should be avoided. Besides, instead of letting tempers flare to the boiling point of bad, why not put that warmth to good use? Take a tip from Astara. Their Golden Flame Hydration Mask ( stimulates skin to refine, soften, smooth, and nourish it---a much-needed respite from these not-so-warm winter months.

Knowledge is key, and for Taurus absorbing more of it this year than ever before will bring a boost to your being. Reading, writing, arithmetic, whatever your pleasure, just maximize your mind and expand your horizons. Make sure to keep both feet firmly planted in the ground, however. And to keep your tootsies in tip-top shape, treat them to Barielle Foot Restoration Scrub ( This sole saver exfoliates, moisturizes, nourishes, and invigorates your feet fabulously.

Be sure to make sure all sides of you are in agreement when making decisions in 2004, Gemini. This will ensure the choices you make will be the right ones. Any hint of doubt should be adhered to. One thing that doesn't have to cause any confusion for you is skincare. Olives Creme d' Olives can be your savior. Dubbed the “Mediterranean diet for beautiful skin” this olive extract-infused lotion is extra rich, mega-moisturizing, and a nourishing product that protects sensitive skin areas such as the face, neck, and undereye.

It's back to the future for Cancer this year---no more instances of being trapped in the past. Move onward, and soon enough, you will move upward. A rebirth of sorts can be realized if you're ready to take it on. Wash away your worries, and welcome in the world. You can begin the process by taking a trip to the tub. With Lush Bath Bombs (, your skin is soaked in a luxurious comfort, and they offer numerous inspiring scentsations to choose from.

During 2004, money will be on the minds of Leo - making it and making the most of it. This may cause some friction with several partnerships in your life so pay close attention to keeping things clear, concise, and clean. Maybe if you appear that way physically, it will inspire you mentally. Here's where Cetaphil Cleanser ( can help. This gentle, nonirritating lotion is formulated to soothe and soften even the most sensitive of skin as it cleans.

Virgos may find recognition on the job or the new position they are seeking in store for them in 2004. This advancement may lead to some time spent in the spotlight, so tell Mr. De Mille that you are ready for your close-up! To make sure you look as flawless as the beauties of Hollywood's heyday, but without having to hire your own team of makeup artists, head to Mallory Rutledge's Studio One 2 One for an elite cosmetic application. Her airbrushed makeup MYR makes movie magic that can last up to eight hours.

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Not Libras this year. Romance is heading your way, so get ready to take it on headfirst. Your heart will have a wealth of opportunities to choose from. Among other riches you might want to indulge in, how about a little affection for your face? Natura Bisse Diamond Cream ( takes years off your appearance with its anti-aging properties specially formulated for every skin type. It regenerates and reenergizes. What more could you ask for?

Finances come front and center for Scorpio 2004. And with your assertive nature, you could stand to succeed in a very profitable way. Polishing up your portfolio is a perfect way to initiate the process. You should try it for the mind---as well as the body. For the latter, DDF Strawberry Almond Body Polishing Scrub ( works wonders. It helps rid the skin of excess dead cells and turns its texture into silky smoothness that few could resist calling a lucrative look.

Keep the lines of communication open this year, Sagittarius. It's the only way the progress you're praying for will be made. You won't get a second chance at making the most of the opportunities heading your way so listen up before you leap. Your hair is another story. You can rework that as much as you please if you use the KMS Turnstylr Do-Over Spray ( It's a great alternative to shampoo since it removes product, smoke, odors, and excess oil to make restyling so simple.

Happy New Year Capricorn! In the months ahead, you'll find the answers to any questions you have in those you keep closest to your heart. They'll help you find whatever it is you are seeking in ways you may not have expected. To help you start out with a clean slate by putting your best face forward, Estee Lauder offers up the Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleaner (, whose crystal clear gel brings in refreshing citrusy suds to solve any seasonal skin sluggishness.

The age of Aquarius has begun with a bang in 2004. This will be a groovy year for good times with great friends. Since your frolicking will include a lot of face time, keeping your complexion in check is crucial. Joey NY ( delivers in this department with Pure Pores Hide and Heal. This cream does double duty by clearing up blemishes as it conceals them. It can be worn solo as a concealer or under any makeup applications since it's compatible with all skin tones.

This year will be one where you find that a lot of people are looking to you for answers in all of aspects of life, Pisces. This can be good--and not so good, if there are those around you looking to take advantage of your generous mood. But don't fret because your sign is quite capable of keeping a level head, which is outwardly easy to achieve by heading to Bumble and Bumble Hair Salon ( This NYC staple is a favorite of many for super styling, color, and cuts.
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